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Find out what Frank Quitely does all day in BBC documentary

frank quitely

Scottish fans on Tuesday will be able to tune in for a 30-minute documentary on Frank Quitely airing as part of BBC Four’s series What Do Artists Do All Day?

For the acclaimed Glaswegian artist, the answer is “Draw Jupiter’s Legacy,” his Image Comics collaboration with Mark Millar. The episode follows Quitely over the course of the day, until “he eventually calls it a night at 04.30am, sleeping in his studio, as he does regularly.”

Full details are available on the BBC Four website, along with a clip, which apparently won’t play in the United States.

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He is my absolute favorite comic book artist of all time! Met him a few years ago at Kapow! ComicCon in London and he was nice, funny and very humble. Great guy!
I wish he will do some new 52 stuff in the future. DC needs hims badly!

One of my favorite artists as well, met him at SF WonderCon. If only he drew faster!

Yeesh, nu52? Bad enough he’s saddled to Millar for the foreseeable future.

Awesome how Frank Quitely holding his mug on a rooftop looks just like a Frank Quitely character–even down to the shoes. I love that about cartoonists.

It’s only on in Scotland tonight, hoping it turns up on iPlayer in the future.

is this ever going to come out in America or on DVD?Bluray???

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