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Francis Manapul dives into his cover process for ‘Detective’ #32


On his blog, Francis Manapul pulls back the curtain on his process for the cover of Detective Comics #32, from initial concept sketches to finished piece.

“I had a lot of fun coloring this piece, specially since I got to play around with the logo,” he wrote. “Its placement was integral to the composition and selling the idea of Batman getting pulled under water.”

In a similar post for April’s Issue 30, the beginning of his tenure on the series with Flash collaborator Brian Buccelato, Manapul explained more about his approach: “The inking process is still traditional, using pens, brushes, and watercolor for the artwork. After scanning the art, and doing a few tweaks, I color the artwork in Photoshop.”

Detective Comics #32, which finds Batman in the clutches of the crime boss known as “The Squid,” goes on sale June 4.





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This book is about to be great again.

Wow, that is a fantastic cover. The colors really make it pop. I would by this on a white t-shirt with the print starting at the bottom edge. I’m also interested in how he colors it in Photoshop.

This creative team is the SOLE reason I am headed back to a monthly Bat-book (other than Nightwing) in over a decade. Their Flash was one of the highlights of the New 52, along with the Jonah Hex book and Aquaman.

I’m looking forward to their run — they did some great things with Flash.

I haven’t been reading Detective, but I will absolutely jump on when this run starts. Manapul’s art is not only gorgeous, but a COMPLETE departure from the grim and gritty look of most of the Bat line. Buccelato’s a rock solid writer, too, and if they maintain that focus of telling mystery-driven detective stories, we’re in for a treat. Can’t wait.

The bright colors look weird for a modern day Batman comic, but I love it. The composition of this cover looks super dynamic! Good luck to the new creative team!

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