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High fashion meets high stakes in trailer for ‘Scarlett Couture’

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Titan Comics has released a trailer for Scarlett Couture, the upcoming espionage-adventure series from illustrator Des Taylor about an heiress turned super-spy.

The title character is a billionaire fashion heiress who as a teenager is kidnapped and held for ransom, only to be rescued by Lt. Spencer Kelly, who trains her in hand-to-hand combat and intelligence to ensure she’s never in that position again. When she learns her mother was once a spy for the CIA, Scarlett uses her mother’s fashion empire as a cover for her own quest to bring the world’s greatest criminals to justice.

You can see more of Taylor’s work on his blog. Scarlett Couture #1 goes on sale Oct. 15.

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The art is *BEAUTIFUL*. But I think the “Created by Des Taylor” is giving more credit than is due, given the character is the spit of Black Widow, and is named after the actress that plays her in 4 films and counting.

Just the same, I’m blown away by the art. Usually when people casually borrow most of what’s meant to make their character unique from other sources they’re coupled with poor illustration, but that is definitively not the case here.

Very proud! I’m his wife and I’m very excited for what Des has in store with this. Glad you like the work!
Ps. The character’s is named after our daughter, Scarlett. Just as his last book Vesha Valentine was named after me!

Fair enough. I checked out his blog as well. Really impressive work.

Matt Halteman

March 4, 2014 at 1:57 pm

Yeah, maybe don’t be so quick to make assumptions, Anon.

This looks like a lot of fun!

This should be an animated series–we need more serious animated programming for prime time that isn’t for the kids AND isn’t comedy!

Matt, you’re right that I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but you can’t fault the logic with which I jumped to them.
But yeah, I jumped the gun in judging.

That the artist’s daughter is named Scarlett really doesn’t undo the fact that this project bears a striking similarity to the Black Widow. That’s a comparison that will be unavoidable in the world of comics, and one fairly pointed out. It will remain even if the artist states that his character has red hair after his first girlfriend, wears clingy black clothes after a lingerie catalog he’s fond of, and is a super-spy because he loves James Bond.

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