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‘Justice League’ comics fly back into General Mills cereal boxes


DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have reteamed with General Mills to include four collectible editions of Justice League in specially marked boxes of Big G cereals, sold in grocery stores nationwide. A fifth issue is available in select boxes of Cheerios available exclusively at Target.

The companies first partnered for the initiative in late 2011, shortly after the publisher relaunched its superhero line with the New 52. For that cereal promotion, 12 million comics were printed. Once again, the stories begin in print and continue online at, where you can get a sampling of the titles.

The issues are: “Escape From Monster Island,” by Joshua Williamson and Christian Duce; “Lost on Mars!,” by Williamson and Bruno Redondo; “To Catch a Thief,” by Williamson and Dario Brizuela; “Walking on Fire,” by Williamson and Dan Jurgens; and, at Target, “Swap Meet,” by Sterling Gates and Neil Edwards. The covers are by Phil Jimenez and Wendy Broome.

Many of those issues have already made their way on to eBay, of course.

“There is a certain shared fanaticism among cereal lovers and comic book fans, which is why Big G cereals, WBCP and DCE make a super team,” Lisa Tomassen, integrated communication manager at General Mills, said in a statement. “We’re excited for people young and old to discover these comic books in their favorite cereals, giving them a strong, confident start to the day.”

The cereals are on shelves through April.




We finally get new comics with the actual Justice League in them! Thanks, Forever and Ever and Ever Evil, for making these little freebies that much more attractive.

Well, since I dropped the real Justice League title because it was so wretched, I may have to pick these up to get my fix. And also, yeah, what Jim24 said!

Those are some fine looking costumes right there.

Don’t tell Eric Stephenson. It’s two forms of his kryptonite at once: an effort to expand the readership to kids, and Target.

Hm… whenever DC wants to expand their audience they always go back to the classic versions of the characters (i.e. not new52). That says a lot.

Rollo Tomassi

March 4, 2014 at 9:00 am

I looked for that first wave back in 2011 and they never showed up at any grocery stores around here.

I may have some extra copies Rollo.

Brian from Canada

March 4, 2014 at 2:30 pm

Sadly, this is US only. General Mills Canada will not be carrying any. :-(

I can’t wait to get these. The second cover on the left is my favorite and thank god this is the real league, not the Nu52.

I would actually buy these comics. Nice to see Superman looking Super.

Can anyone tell me if the books are specific to each cereal or are they random, with the exception of the Target specific issue?

Jeff Hotchkiss

March 6, 2014 at 4:30 am

I was ready to go out and buy all these cereals for these comics until I read this:

“the stories begin in print and continue online at”

Now, I’m not even going to bother at all.

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