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Kirkman considered killing Rick instead of Shane in ‘The Walking Dead’


As grim as The Walking Dead has frequently gotten over the past decade, it turns out the hit series could’ve been a lot darker. A lot.

During a far-ranging Reddit AMA on Wednesday, creator Robert Kirkman was asked how the story changed from what he originally envisioned. “The story has evolved and continues to evolve,” he acknowledged. “Originally my idea was that they live in a high school for a while … that changed to a prison very early on. There were characters that were going to die very early on … but didn’t, and vice versa.”

But then the writer returned to what remains, after all of these years, one of the comic’s most memorable scenes: the death of Shane in Issue 6.

“I honestly considered killing RICK in issue 6 and making the comic about Carl having to grow up with this guy he saw kill his father,” Kirkman revealed. “But in the end, I decided against it. That was never the plan, but it was a thought that popped up that I entertained while I was writing issue 6.”




Derek Metaltron

March 20, 2014 at 11:45 am

Interesting, I think it would have been cool if they’d gone with that for the TV show, as well as being a major twist it would have ensured the idea that no one was safe.

Considering how boring and terrible a leader Rick became(in the show & comic) this would have been a great move.

yeah he “revealed” this about a half dozen years ago

Even worse if the kid ACCIDENTALLY shot his father while trying to protect him, doing Shane’s job for him — and having to grow up with the guy that MIGHT’VE killed his dad if he hadn’t done it first.

Is this how he prepares us for killing Rick next issue?

I just want to read what will happen next in the next issue of Walking Dead.

Next issue baby I feel it

While it wouldn’t be the end of the book itself, it would have lost all its charm with the loss of Rick.

All Out War is going to end with the death of everyone you ever cared about for the last ten years and issue 127 will start following Lilly and Woodbury survivors, just in time for his new novel about Lilly.

wow, that would’ve been… different. glad he kept Rick.

i talk about this as the first of many Walking Dead Atrocities here:

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