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Man struck, killed outside theater after ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ dispute

Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson

Police in Texas are searching for two suspects in a pickup truck that struck and killed a 23-year-old man outside a Houston-area movie theater following an argument about 300: Rise of an Empire.

According to KHOU 11 News, the dispute began shortly after midnight Monday in the restroom of the Silverado Movie Theater near Tomball, when two men allegedly injected themselves into a conversation between Michael Emerson and his two friends about whether the film might spawn a sequel (it’s a follow-up to 300, an adaptation of the 1998 Dark Horse limited series by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley).

According to Emerson’s friend Ryan Hacker, the argument escalated when one of the men made a disparaging comment about Emerson’s disfigured arm. When both parties left the theater for the parking lot, sheriff’s deputies say the two men got into their Ford F150 Crew Cab truck. When Emerson confronted them outside the passenger door, the driver allegedly put the vehicle into reverse and struck him, knocking him to the ground. The truck then fled the scene.

“They hit him going fast. It wasn’t like a nudge, get out of the way. It was fast. It happened in a split second,” Hacker told the TV station. “I think the emotions and adrenaline were pumping, and they didn’t have control of what was going on.”

Emerson was transported by ambulance to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Deputies have released surveillance photos in hopes of identifying the truck’s driver and passenger.

“Help us find out who did this to Michael so we can get justice for him and our family,” said Emerson’s mother Stevie Garner. “It feels like a dream, it doesn’t feel real to me right now. I’m good for five minutes and I cry for hours. I want to hold my child. I want him to say, ‘I love you mama,’ I want to see his big blue eyes and that beautiful smile.”



Man persues others into the parking lot then into their truck because they made fun of him and he gets hit? Sounds like he had it coming.

And that there, ladies and gentleman, is what a troll looks like.

Poor taste troll, grow up please.

Such a senseless waste. One man dead, two are going to go to prison most likely.

What cowardly men. Hitting a man with their car, a man who probably couldn’t even have defended himself against two unarmed men. I hope they find these people.

Poor guy… to be killed over something like that. This is obvious common sense for me but obviously not for everybody: don’t offer your differing opinions to a total stranger and don’t accept them either. If someone interjects himself into your conversation, stop talking about it and/or leave. You don’t know who you’re dealing with. Don’t engage. Move on.

Mike was not the type of guy that started arguments. The two guys in the truck started it in the bathroom. They hit Mike on purpose and left him without a thought for his injuries. They not only committed Murder, it was a Hate Crime, plus all the other charges that are involved like leaving the scene of an accident. I’ve know Mike since he was a child. He is a decant, sweet, kind person. God bless his family during this sad, hard time. And may God have mercy on those two that Killed Mike, as I don’t!

If I were the passenger and saw this story I’d be at the police station ASAP. The driver made a stupid mistake and is going to spend a lot of time locked up thinking about it. I wouldn’t go down with the driver.

“Mike was not the type of guy that started arguments.”

But it seems he was the type of guy that wanted to continue the argument when the other guys were leaving.

Ah, now I remember why I only go to see new movies when they’ve been out awhile, so to not deal with all the @$$holes who go see them the first few days…

Who just joins a random conversation with strangers? Then insults a person? Jesus, it’s not the internet.

I personally wouldn’t have continued, and especially wouldn’t have gone after the guys, but I generally avoid confrontation and don’t have any disfigurements or disabilities or the like.

That driver is a fucking dick, and the passenger is an asshole for not doing anything. I hope they find these guys.

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