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Oni Press targets bad behavior with convention penalty cards


With convention season getting into full swing — major events Emerald City Comic Con, WonderCon Anaheim and C2E2 arrive in rapid succession over the coming weeks — Oni Press has stepped up to provide what no con-goer will want to be without: convention penalty cards!

“Comic conventions should be bastions of unfettered fun, enthusiasm, and safety,” explains a post on the Oni Tumblr, but lately it seems like nary a con can go by without some complaint of uncouth or downright inappropriate behavior on the part of some attendees. While these cards are by no means a solution to a systemic problem, we hope they might prove useful should one find themselves in the damnable position of encountering said behavior.”

The humorous cards, which could be downloaded and printed from the Oni Tumblr, range from yellow cautions “Your Whole Deal is Bumming Me the Hell Out!” and “This is a Comic Convention, Not the Internet” to the presumably more severe red warnings “Hit the Bricks, Chump!” and “Find a Booth That Sells Manners, Ya Wad!” (it’s the “Ya Wad” part that really hammers it home).

“We hope to see as many of you as possible as we exhibit across America over the next year,” the post concludes, “and we hope you have as fun, safe, and downright nerdy a time as you deserve!”

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The irony of the last one…

These are neither funny nor practical, and can only serve to make people even more paranoid.

Thanks for taking a modest cultural dysfunction and making it even worse!

Remember to eye every stranger as a potential rapist who at the very least hates you and wants nothing more than to harass you! That is the way to go through life and create a better society. The only remedy is to guilt-trip everyone and create a sea of permanent perceived victimhood.

Way to fall right into the stereotype, Dissix. Dismissing it as “modest”, imputing paranoia to others and the simple smarminess of this just makes it MORE clear that these things are necessary. Nice job.

Agreed with Mike. If you’re having a harsh reaction to something as benign as this, I can’t imagine you being even capable of having an honest, open and respectful conversation about this issue. Calling it “modest” is just another sign that you’re not capable of empathizing with the folks who get mistreated.

Mike, he’s just mad because he knows he’ll be seeing a lot of those this year :P

Lol at “modest” cultural dysfunction. It’s a shame I love comic books so much because I loathe comic book fandom if we’re dismissing the harassment of people and sexism as “modest.” Why not just blame the victim while we’re at it, Dissix?

I mean… Can we take a look at this? Dissix, disagree with him as you might, stated his or her opinion clearly and politely. Now, I see every comment after his using smileys and sarcasm to jump on the bandwagon. How’s this any different?

In fairness, his entire closing paragraph was dripping with sarcasm, so it kind of set a tone …

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