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Quote of the Day | Kelly Sue DeConnick on diversity

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“The message that we send when we don’t represent the broader culture in our stories is that ‘You are other.’ … As a community, as an organism, it is a thing that makes us ill. It is actually bad for us.”

Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Captain Marvel and Pretty Deadly, speaking about the need to diversity the kinds of characters that appear in comics, at the “Broadening Comics Readership” panel at Emerald City Comicon



Yep. How many Mormons do we have in mainstream superhero comics? How many heroes do we have who are food insecure? How many heroes attend church regularly? Lots of big groups of people who are under-represented in mainstream comic books.

I think you purposely miss her point. Keep in mind, HER point. In defense of her point, for the sake of argument only, look around at any school campus, any mall, any place where people congregate en masse and it’s pretty racially mixed, belief mixed, culturally mixed, and certainly gender mixed these days. I get what you mean, but life just isn’t white bread America anymore.

Captain Marvel volume one was really good, although it kinda lost me during the infinity tie ins. I need to get to the store for V2.

I don’t think the question of diverse characters matters as much as a primarily white culture telling their stories. Sometimes it just feels like marketing.

Jake Earlewine

April 1, 2014 at 5:00 am

And “the message we send” when publishers put out crappy comic books is that they don’t care about their characters and they don’t care about their readers.

My favourite part about this “diversity” panels is that everybody on the panel is almost always white. Where are the prominent people of color in comic book production?

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