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Sean Galloway pits Robin against Red X for Emerald City print


Convention season is a time for some of the biggest announcements in the industry, but it’s also the time when artists release a whole bunch of new art and prints to sell on the circuit. Case in point, Sean Galloway — who readers will recognize from his work on the Wednesday Comics Teen Titans story with writer Eddie Berganza — will have some new prints for sale at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, one of which he revealed on Twitter after “5 minutes of a power nap.”

For the curious, Galloway’s print depicts Robin, the Boy Wonder, locked in combat with Red X what looks to be a version of the Phantasm — the assassin from the classic Batman animated movie “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.” It’s a cool-looking image, and one of many you’ll get a glimpse of if you plan to walk the floor this weekend at Emerald City Comicon.




Looks like Red X from the Teen Titans cartoon stole Andrea Beaumont’s cape.

Wow…Go watch Teen Titans, or read Teen Titans GO! that Galloway worked on. That’s Robin and Red X. Very clearly is that Red X.

He actually always had a shredded cape.

Richard Grayson. Your angel of death awaits.

Lmao! that’s clearly Red X. Aren’t you guys suppose to be the “journalists”?

I got super stoked when I thought it was going to be the Phantasm versus Robin. That’ll be a heck of an image!!

That’s Red X not Phantasm.

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