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Sean Murphy cover takes us back to ‘Reign of the Supermen’


I had taken a break from comics during the whole “Death of Superman”/”Reign of the Supermen” era, yet I’m a little excited by this mysterious cover unveiled today by Sean Murphy (The Wake, Punk Rock Jesus). Even those readers who weren’t around for the early-’90s storyline will undoubtedly recognize the Man of Steel/John Henry Irons/Steel, the Man of Tomorrow/Cyborg Superman, the Last Son of Krypton/Eradicator and the Metropolis Kid/Superboy, who arrived in Metropolis claiming to be Superman.

Murphy says he doesn’t know what the cover is for, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s part of DC Comics’ “Superman: Doomed” crossover, depicting the first major conflict in the New 52 between the Man of Steel and Doomsday, who was responsible for “The Death of Superman” 22 years ago.

Update: As a helpful commenter below points out, PreviewsWorld states Murphy’s cover is the 75th anniversary variant for Superman Unchained #6, due out on March 19.

sean murphy-reign of the supermen



According to Diamond, the cover is a variant for Superman Unchained #6.


Suddenly, I want Sean Murphy drawing a Superboy comic. Just one, perhaps alternate world, with the original version of Kon-El.

I want and need this! Reign of the Supermen was such a classic Superman story and one of my all-time faves.

That Superboy looks AMAZING.

The storyline that made me a comic fan again. Then they went and screwed the DC pooch with that thing where Hal Jordan became the Spectre and all that came after.

I didn’t bother when Marvel repackaged their old stories, put a ‘dark’ filter on them, and resold them as Ultimates, and I’m not gonna bother with this stuff either.

The Spirit of the 90s

March 4, 2014 at 3:53 pm

Remember the 90s?

I didn’t really like The Death of Superman when it came out. I find Doomsday an interesting foe, but I didn’t like the story. That said, I really liked the Reign of the Supermen/Return of Superman. So much craziness went on in that story and the repercussions were huge – most specifically in Green Lantern (the debate about what they did to Hal Jordan as a character is another discussion entirely). The Eradicator was my favorite Superman but they were all cool. How can you NOT love Henshaw as terminator Superman? And of course Steel was awesome. Hell, I still have every issue of the Steel and Superboy series that came out of Reign of the Supermen.

I doubt DC is revisiting this with Doomed, especially given that Superboy and Steel already exist. I forsee Zod playing a role in this story. I’m also convinced that they’re going to combine Death of Superman with the Electric Superman story (the one where they changed his whole look). We’ll see.

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