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Silvestri and McFarlane offer peek at cover process


On his Facebook page, Marc Silvestri pulls back the curtain on his collaboration with Todd McFarlane on a cover for an unidentified Robert Kirkman comic. It’s a work in progress, with McFarlane inking over Silvestri’s loose pencils — and providing a bit of commentary about the role of the inker and how this collaboration came about.

“Robert was able to convince Marc Silvestri to pencil the cover and since I happen to be on the phone with him when he mentioned he was doing this cover, I offered to ink it for him,” McFarlane explains. “I also told Marc to ‘loosen up on your pencils, I’ll do some of the artistic lifting on the page.’ So, what you have is a female character riding a giant insect creature as they battle in the sky.”

There’s more at the link.




So, ummmmm, when do we get the rest of Image United?

Looks to be a cover to Issue #6 of Manifest Destiny.


March 25, 2014 at 9:58 pm

I can picture it now. In about 10 years, they’re going to fight over the rights of the female character and the giant bug! LOL

I always enjoy seeing the creative process for comic pages, but I kinda wish that they put the final cover up as a comparison.

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