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Stan Lee and Spider-Man team up with U.S. Postal Service


It’s common for film studios to partner with fast-food chains, cereal manufacturers and soft-drink companies to help market major releases, but here’s a tie-in few likely expected: The United States Postal Service has teamed with Sony Pictures for a campaign to promote Priority Mail and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — and they’ve enlisted Stan Lee for a little help.

The effort launches with a television commercial (below), featuring appearances by both the wall-crawler and the legendary creator, and includes limited-edition Spider-Man shipping boxes, Spider-Man postage from self-service kiosks, and special signage that extends to USPS vehicles. The campaign will also cast a spotlight on “stories of ‘USPS super heroes’ – real-life Postal Service employees delivering for their customers.”

The TV spot was created by DNA Productions with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb and commercials/music video director Rich Lee.

asm2 priority mail



Here here to Stan Lee!!!

Stan invented the Post Office.

I look forward to the fight between Fed Ex and UPS as to who gets to use Quicksilver.

Listen, I’m all for shedding light on real life heroes like firemen, medics etc, but calling postal service workers “heroes” is stretching things a bit.

Indeed one of the better campagin tie-ins with brands. And this one takes the cake thus far.


I agree, but it’s just marketing. The term “Heroes” was a little shoehorned to get the idea across, but it isn’t bad.

Oh man! Is the post office really going to offer Spider-Man postal boxes!?! I might just go for that!!

The problem isn’t the commercial the issue is the cost of the commercial to the taxpayers. The USPS (fee for service and allegedly revenue neutral) is so in debt and borrows millions and billions of dollars each year from the federal government. Why are we paying for a commercial such as this!!!!!!!

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