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Steve Ditko & Robin Snyder return to Kickstarter for new comic


Steve Ditko and longtime editor and collaborator Robin Snyder are celebrating 26 years of publishing with the planned release of #9 Teen, a new comic from the legendary creator. They just need a little more help on Kickstarter.

While details about the 32-page comic are sparse, Snyder reveals it includes another installment of Ditko’s Madman serial, “plus a unique variety of some of the most original characters in the comics and more.” This marks the duo’s third Kickstarter project, but the first to feature new material.

According to the Steve Ditko Comics fan blog, #9 Teen will be the 19th 32-page comic that Snyder and the 86-year-old Ditko have released since 2008.

Snyder, who was Ditko’s editor at Charlton Comics, Archie Comics and Renegade Press, states on the Kickstarter page that there’s just one editorial page left before the comic is complete. With 19 days left in the campaign, they’ve raised $1,560 of their $2,100 goal.




Ditko using Kickstarter? What would Ayn Rand say???? :-)

Kickstarter is not charity Ninjazilla!

What are you talking about? Kickstarter is the ultimate free market tool.

Ditko’s used Kickstarters on a few other projects. While I’m not fully familiar with Ayn Rand’s writings, I doubt she’d object to a gent like Ditko raising funds from his patrons to publish his works. She’s PROBABLY object to government grants, but again, I don’t know that for sure.

I’m in on this Kickstarter and have participated in the previous ones. Ditko’s work might not have the polish of, say, his work on Warren magazines in the 60s, but that’s not the point.

I am really of two minds about this:

On the one hand, it is great that Ditko is still producing work, albeit material of an extremely Objectivist tone that I do not find terribly engaging.

On the other hand, if Ditko really wanted to raise a tremendous amount of money to fund his self-publishing ventures, he could easily do so by offering to do original commissions or recreations, or selling his original published artwork. Yes, yes, I know, he has a variety of ideological reasons for not wanting to do any of these, which he has made clear numerous times in the past.

That is my major criticism: It isn’t that Ditko does not have any other means of funding his projects; instead he is unwilling to utilize any of those other means that are available to him. Yes, I know, people will argue that is his decision, that he is following the dictates of his conscience or philosophy. Likewise I will argue that it is MY choice not to contribute to his Kickstarter campaign, and instead reserve my support for creators for whom Kickstarter genuinely is their only viable means of bringing their books to print.

Ben, well said on all points!

@Ben: I know better than to speak for Ditko, but the theme of deciding for yourself whether a product is worthy of the price being asked is a big theme in his work. If you choose not to buy something, whatever your reason may be, that’s your right.

Me, I’ve contributed to the last two and been extremely pleased. I don’t agree with Ditko’s politics, and I find his digressions to be strange and impenetrable. Nonetheless, he is, still, an incredible talent and storyteller, and a truly unique voice.

I, too, wish he’d engage more with the public. But I understand and respect his decision not to. And the same attributes that make him such a stubborn cuss are also part of his appeal; if he were the sort of guy who was willing to compromise, he wouldn’t be Steve Ditko.

And for those concerned about the price: if this is anything like the last two, then you won’t just be getting the new book, you’ll also be getting some older Ditko comics and Snyder newsletters, including some back issues of The Comics, a superlative look at comics history by people who were there. Kickstarter is the easiest way to get this stuff; otherwise you’ll need to send in a mail order.

I think it’s well worth the price, and I look forward to the book.

Is Ditko still a crazy hermit?

Kudos to Ditko for not doing what other people want him to.

and a new Kickstarter campaign has begun for the next Ditko-Snyder project:

The latest Snyder/Ditko Kickstarter includes both new material and classic work from Charlton’s Tales of The Mysterious Traveler:

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