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Superman takes us on a soaring GoPro journey in terrific fan film


If as a kid you ever dreamed of viewing the world from Superman’s perspective, you finally have your chance: The good folks at Corridor Digital have created a video in which the Man of Steel finds a GoPro and straps it to his head, recording the journey as he returns the camera to its owner.

It’s a fun piece that not only provides a nice tour over, and through, Southern California, but shows off the talent of Corridor Digital, which has produced some other YouTube videos you may have seen. There’s also a lengthy look behind the scenes at the making of “Superman With a GoPro.” Watch them both below.


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Derek Metaltron

March 18, 2014 at 2:49 pm

Freaking awesome idea! Though if I was Superman I might have actually put out that fire as well as saving the girl, freeze breath and all.

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