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With Marvel’s ‘Original Sin’ promo, the eyes have it

Tom Brevoort (courtesy of Marvel)

Tom Brevoort (courtesy of Marvel)

Considering that Marvel’s Original Sin begins with the discovery on the moon of the Watcher’s body, minus his eyes, it’s perhaps unsurprising the publisher opted for a somewhat ghoulish way to promote the upcoming event series in comic stores: Marvel-branded bouncy balls that resemble Uatu’s missing eyeballs.

And given that writer Jason Aaron teased last month, “Whoever holds one of the eyes is able to explode a bomb full of secrets and unleash all the various secrets of the Marvel Universe into the wild through that eye,” it seems only fitting that Marvel Senior Vice President Tom Brevoort, keeper of many of those secrets, has been spotted with one of the missing organs. There’s no telling what may come of this …

The eight-issue Original Sin debuts in May.






that is a cool but a little creepy promo tie in to the event for after all who in the mu has the power to kill the watcher for that would be like marvel whacking Galactus

I wonder if there will be any nods to the “Watcher plague” from the Quasar series back in the day; mainly wondering because we saw Watchers who died there then more or less decide to not be dead anymore :)

Prophet Guard

March 5, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Cool! Now I can read another Marvel story by Jason Aaron and play ping-pong with the Watcher’s eye afterwards. :D

I am still deciding if this was a terrible idea or an awesome one.

If it’s free then it’s fine. Free stuff is awesome. lol

Disgusting and disrespectful to Kirby. Stuff like this is why I no longer buy comics.

How can this promotion be considered disrespectful to Kirby?

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