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7,000 comic books stolen from California collector’s garage


Comic stores from Los Angeles to San Diego have been notified following the reported theft of 14 longboxes from a home in Eagle Rock, California.

Collector Adam Rose tells CBS Los Angeles that someone removed the garage-door opener from his unlocked car and entered his garage, making off with about 7,000 comic books he stored there. They represent three decades’ worth of purchases.

“It sounds ridiculous but I’m kind of mourning a loss of my childhood,” he says. “Like a significant chunk of my childhood was taken from me.”

Rose doesn’t mention which comics made up the collection, whether anything else was taken from the garage or why, y’know, he left the garage-door opener in an unlocked car parked outside his house. But he’s keeping an eye on Craigslist and eBay to see if any of the titles pop up.



I’m guessing from the 1990’s which means that they are made up almost entirely of xmen variant covers. But seriously I’d feel worse if he didn’t say that he felt like his childhood was taken from him. This doesn’t sound like someone who reads comic books now or cares all that much about them. Just someone who had a few boxes left over from the comic investors boom.

Looks like they new what they were going to take I would start thinking of who I showed and what kind of company them people keep.

It’s someone he knows. Obviously. Possibly even the comics store owners whose stores he frequents.

Or maybe it’s his Mom

Watch the video. There are a number of comic books featured from what’s left of his collection that were published in the last year. He’s an active collector whose collection grows, as is mentioned in the news segment, every Wednesday.

Eh, even without bags and boards, you can’t fit 500 comics in a long box!

7k seems like a high estimate for 14 boxes

If he had 14 long boxes, at 300 comics each, averaging $3.00 each, that’s $12,600. Understandably the value decreases as soon as he buys them, but let’s compensate that with the potential that he actually had some collectible issues. So, $7,000 seems like a REASONABLE estimate. This story has been making some serious rounds, so I hope we get closure with a happy ending — a retailer either reporting someone trying to sell them on the secondary market, or their plain old return.

Oh my god, you guys are assholes.

Sounds like they were stolen by a friend, someone who knows he collects, the store owner or employees, or his mom? They are gone… time to watch Spider Man with Toby and listen to the scene where grandma gets rid of the junk comics in a yard sale. Sadly Back Issues only. Mostly New Kadia and Mile High and then CardsOne and EBay. Although I have to say I am no longer collecting, giving the state of the market it is really hard to make any money at this time. It is a buyers market and has been for the past 10 years. 80’s thru 20’s have flooded the market with countless issues that are not worth their value. If you have Gold or Silver Age… then maybe you have something.

The lack of empathy from some of the comments is astounding.

Cynical assholes one and all.

I had 2,000+ comics stolen about this time last year, along with all childhood possessions (the only ones I had kept were the ones I was planning to give to my own children).

Though with that loss of my collection comes a sense of liberation as well. It’s only stuff. Plus, this is what pushed me to finally try digital comics. I doubt I’ll buy a physical comic again.

@Kevin Church, @Scooby: this is comic book fandom, would you expect anything less

John - Michael

April 23, 2014 at 8:16 am

@ Elton:
It was said that it was the past three decades. Someone who didn’t appreciate it probably wouldn’t go to this extent. I hope they return home and the person or people who stole them meet justice.

Must be really think comic books crammed into his boxes. Generally they can fit 250-300 books. That’s what, 4,000 books? Maybe he’s ‘saying’ there are 7,000 books to get some sort of insurance claim – home owners insurance?

Not sure how that works but 7,000? Over estimation.

Melrose didn’t bother to reach out to the person (me) who had his life’s collections stolen from him. Yes, I used the phrase “stolen childhood” but they edited out the fact that i still collect and never stopped. If i was off in my calculations on how many fit in one box…so be it. I am still on the look out and been in constant contact with the police. Just wish people that think they are writers that just repost something and give an unfounded opinion would try to do a bit more research.

OK, it’s been a year. Did they get recovered?

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