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A Batfan shares his toys, statues and more

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Happy Saturday and welcome to Shelf Porn. Today’s shelves come from Dan in Gotham City, as he shares his DC Comics-themed collection of toys, statues and other good stuff.

If you’d like to see your collection right here on Robot 6, you can find all the details on how to live that dream at the end of this post.

And now let’s hear from Dan …


I started out in 1969 watching I guess the third season of the Batman TV show with my dad in his big green leather chair. I still have the original soundtrack album (not my dad or his chair). I always loved Batman, I personally bought the mid-70s Jim Aparo Brave and the Bold and the Justice League of America. The darker batman of Neal Adams and Frank Miller came later. I carted around my box of comics for years until a mall card show introduced me to the ’90s fad of SkyBox DC cards and specifically Scott Hampton’s PAINTED work on Batman. From there I discovered Alex Ross, Kingdom Come and it was on….








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Very well done. I too have statues, books, figures, cars, mugs, posters, etc. but am between homes. Once I am settled in, I hope to have a display half as nice as this.

love your collection including the batman symbol on a rug and other things.

Kingdom come Superman FTW

What an amazing BatRoom ! I m so envious.

I had that ’89 Batman calendar! Ah, good memories.

Amazing collection – really nicely presented, too. I’m a big fan of your “original seven” shelf, it has such gravitas.

I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for sharing your collection and your story. Love the part about your dad and the green chair.

Pretty awesome stuff!

Hey, for the last several weeks, the only commentary from the submitters has been up front. I like it much better when they describe each photo and give us some details behind the items. Could you request that they do that when they make submissions?

Epic. Just…

Excellent room! Go Team Batman

Your collection is badass!…or should I say Batass? Wait, that didn’t sound rigth.

You need to get hot toys batman stuff

… I also love the circular bat rug. You need a flip top Shakespeare bust with the red button, and a red rotary phone inside a glass cake, a direct line to Commission Gordon’s office! Thanks for sharing :)

John MacKeeman

May 11, 2014 at 4:06 pm

Holy Bat wings Robin . This is incredible. I’m jealous .

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