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Behold Skottie Young’s fantastic sketches from C2E2


One of the best things about comic conventions is the opportunity to meet the many talented artists on hand, see their original work and even commission pieces from them. Skottie Young is a familiar face in artist’s alleys across the United States, and over the weekend he set up at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, where he turned out amazing original art for some lucky fans.

Young offered custom sketches on colored paper of a character of fans’ choosing. Many took him up on that, and Young has posted some of his favorite on his website. If after seeing these you’re interested in commissioning one of your own (I am!), Young will be attending four more conventions this summer: Motor City in Detroit in May, HeroesCon in Charlotte in June, Boston Comicon in August and Cincy Comicon in September. Keep an eye on his website, as he normally posts details before each convention.


Max Samurai Jack Sandman Tick Totoro



Joshua MacPhetridge

April 30, 2014 at 11:24 pm

This is the reason I need to financially plan better before I go to another Con. I went to Salt Lake Comic Con a couple weeks ago and had spent all my money for the weekend before I realized that Neal Adams and Bob Layton were both doing commissioned sketches there.

I went to C2E2 and got an awesome sketch done by Young on an issues of X-Men. It’s now the best comic I own.

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