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Comics A.M. | Examining implications of Amazon-comiXology deal

Amazon and comiXology

Amazon and comiXology

Digital comics | Jeff Gomez examines the implications of Amazon’s planned acquisition of comiXology, opining that it will give comics a wider reach but also force publishers of superhero fare to broaden their appeal beyond the core demographic: “The books will now be exposed to millions of newcomers, so it will behoove major publishers to make their stories more female-friendly, streamlined, and accessible. With comiXology’s new aim to make ‘every person on the planet a comics fan,’ publishers will need to consider new genres, greater variety, and more varied age groups.” [Business Insider]

Digital comics | ComiXology will continue to offer its Digital Storefronts for retailers, and it will not allow Amazon to target users of its Pull List service with its own offers, according to spokesman Chip Mosher. Also, no changes are planned to comiXology’s other retailer tools. [ICv2]

Comics | The radio show Marketplace took a broad view of the comics industry this week, starting with the Amazon/comiXology deal and including interviews with Publishers Weekly senior news editor Calvin Reid and critic and Judge Dredd writer Douglas Wolk. [Marketplace]

Boxers & Saints

Boxers & Saints

Awards | Michael Cavna talks briefly to Gene Luen Yang about winning the LA Times Book Prize for Boxers & Saints. [Comic Riffs]

Libraries | Michigan’s Ypsilanti District Library is one of the two winners of the Will Eisner Graphic Novel Award, which includes a $7,000 grant to purchase graphic novels and a set of this year’s Eisner Award nominees. The library has a number of graphic novel events planned, including an event showcasing Eisner’s work and a lecture on the connections between graphic novels and medicine. [The Ypsilanti Courier]

Creators | Art Spiegelman spoke about the history of comics and his own work last week at Eastern Michigan University. [The Eastern Echo]

The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza

The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza

Creators | I talked with James Kochalka about his newest book, The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza, as well as his SpongeBob SquarePants comics, his work process, and the Glorkian Warrior video game. [Good Comics for Kids]

Creators | Sean Michael Robinson discusses the graphic novel he never finished, explaining what the roadblocks were (with illustrations). His struggles make interesting reading even if you don’t have a half-finished book tucked away in a drawer. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

Education | Two colleges in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area will offer classes related to Japanese culture, anime and manga this summer. It’s clear from this article that, despite the slump in manga sales over the last few years, enthusiasm remains high among young adults. [Green Bay Press Gazette]

Conventions | John O’Boyle files a brief con report, with photos, on this past weekend’s Asbury Park Comic Con. [Newark Star-Ledger]

Conventions | After last year’s successful Salt Lake Comic Con, Salt Lake City couldn’t wait another year for the next one, so the organizers set up Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience for this coming weekend. [The Spectrum]



I can see comic publishers other than the ‘Big 2′ appealing to a wider audience, but DC and Marvel (especially DC) are too hidebound to adapt to ComiXology’s new market.

brave sir robin

April 14, 2014 at 8:17 am

The Comixology article is interesting and it repeats what gets discussed on this site a lot; super hero books need to become more female friendly in order to grow. I have trouble believing that will happen. Super Hero comics are like the NHL. The NHL has a respectable and rabid but small fan base. And it doesn’t grow, primarily because the NHL will not do things to make it more accessible: mainly eliminate fighting as an intrinsic part of the sport. This has been studies a lot and the NHL knows it, but it would rather keep its care base happy by keeping it than potetially alienate that base by getting rid of it. So the Super Hero books are hide bound, as stated above, with all the super hero things like one dimensional characters that never grow or change and fewer females that have to operate in that bizarre universe. I love comic books and hope that this grows the genre, but I assume it will be other publishers, including new ones, that that push this growth.

has there been any indication at all if comixology purchases could still be made through a linked itunes account once the merger occurs? i much prefer purchasing my comic books using itunes gift cards versus having it linked to a credit card.

I don’t know what is so difficult to understand about the acquisition. The app is already doing fine. It speaks for itself. I already talked at length about what I hope to see in the future with the app, but I certainly hope we see some changes. What makes retail a big deal is the ability for the faithful to come together and have a place to talk about comic books. That social gathering must extend onto the Comixology app. Reviews, forums, feedback, etc will make the app much stronger, and it will encourage new and existing readers to get involved. Building social relationships is the key.

The app was already succeeding before the acquisition. It was doing perfectly fine. But now with Amazon on their side, they can not only extend their marketing power, but also make some internal changes within its infrastructure. And that’s what I want.

I second M!ke’s thoughts. I think the worst (and most unlikely) thing to happen will be Apple pulling Comixology from its phone/tablets. Most likely, we’ll see no significant change for a while.

Some of the comments on here are mind boggling…Yeah im sure if the NHL just eliminated fighting the female fans would swoop right in and start loving hockey…..Give me a break….Why cant people understand Males and Females are different and like different things…We have different interests and thats ok…..Not every single thing is going to appeal to everyone and theres nothing wrong with that… Do the publishers of all these young adult books like hunger games, twilight, etc. that female fans gobble up worry about trying to bring in more male readers? No they dont and they dont have to….Studios make certain movies like romcoms and the like that SPECIFICALLY target female audiences and thats perfectly acceptable but anything that targets a male demographic is sexist and needs to change or die…Its a huge double standard and a ridiculous theory….Females havent been big time comic readers in almost half a century and I dont think theyll ever come back…The whole comic book culture just isnt their thing for the most part….Accept it and move on

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