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Frank Cho recreates scene from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’


Frank Cho hates Superman. Don’t take my word for it; just ask him. But after years of friendly queries by an art-collector friend, Cho bit the bullet and took on a rare commission of Superman — but only if he could do it his way.

“One day the impossible happened, I was bored and I had some free time and Hawaiian Dave gave me a big wad of cash. On top of that, he told me that I can draw whatever I desire as long as Batman and Superman is in it …,” Cho explains on his blog. “Since I hated Superman so much, the only logical conclusion was to do the scene in the Frank Miller’s masterpiece The Dark Knight Returns, where the old Batman comes out of retirement and beat the shit out of Superman. And off I went.”

Cho said his hatred of Superman is rooted in the character being “boring and moronically simple.” That said, as a favor to the collector, and for the aforementioned “big wad of cash,” he  took on the seemingly simple Batman/Superman commission and saw it grow into a two-page scene, complete with dialogue and effects.

“To tell you the truth, I had a great time drawing this,” Cho admits. “But I can honestly say that this will probably will be the last Superman art I draw. I really hate Superman.”





the clean arts makes me realize even more how much I hate this comic


Wretched writing…

I disagree with the sentiment, but the art’s nice.

Sorry to hear this, Frank. Nothing against Batman, at all, but I love Superman, and always have, and if you find him boring and moronically simple… well, too bad for you. But your choice. I still admire your skill, but I’m now less of a fan.

Looks great! Check out my version of the pages directly preceding this…

Nice art, but it pretty much affirms my disdain for the Dark Knight, who is just as much an overly simplistic character that only 13-year-old boys and man-children with power fantasies can relate to.

Reminded how much I hate that book.
Superman would never be a government stooge.
Superman is more then willing to do what needs to be done, parts of his character have been dropped since his creation but don’t let the Boy Scout fool you Batman’s only a challenge because writers want him to be not because he is.
I love batman but you don’t mess with the S

Huh, that same old argument? He’s too boring? Here’s a novel idea: Since you’re an artist an have the chance to actually DO something about it, why not try and push to work on something “Super”-related and make it interesting for yourself then. Then again, he must be too busy drawing scantily clad ladies, because PLEASE Frank, that’s exactly what the world needs more of right? Just get back behind your desk and draw.

The good and nice guys are often boring.

Garth Ennis does not respect his own mother … at the time he wrote Superman paid homage and respect. Alan Moore did the same … Grant Morrison did the same …… … Kirby Lee .. Sorry … but Cho not one of them …. and never will be…

Bill Williamson

April 3, 2014 at 9:55 pm

It’s hard to blame him for his views. It seems that even DC (especially DC?) have no idea what to do with Superman.

Can someone please get Adam West to read this & then upload the recording onto youtube with the corresponding images edited during his voice over?

Well … it never did require high level of intelligence to be an good artist.
But it is a requirement for good writing.

Explains why the arts is amazing … the actions are something [crotch hitting and all] a teen would come up with and oh yeah … the dialogues.
I can see Batman shaking his head giving up his career if ever read these.
Very ‘edgy’ dialogues … if I was 13 years old.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan

April 4, 2014 at 6:19 am

Looks like people are taking this a little too seriously, methinks. I, as a guy who recently warmed up to Superman, thought it was pretty hilarious.

Hahaha Bat-tards are a joke. Superman could kill Bruce wayne in a nanosecond fraction time but Batman has something Superman can’t beat. BATMANFANBOYS-FORCE

The eternal fantasy that Batman can defeat Superman. Frank Milller was so close to make it real, but even him couldn’t make it real. I like both characters, but i love Superman. And Frank Miller’s version of superman sucks, its not even close to the character’s escence.

Captain Librarian

April 4, 2014 at 11:48 am

Fundamentally, I think the problem is that a lot of artists just aren’t that big a fan of Super Hero comics (note Cho still makes fun of even Batman’s costume) and would rather be writing gritty urban noir and detective stories, but Super Heroes get all the money and publicity, which is why they leap at the chance to write Batman. You really don’t have to tell a traditional super hero story or find a way to make a credible threat to a guy with insane powers.

That’s all well and good, and it would great if things like westerns, crime dramas, slice of life, etc, had a larger audience over the years. But stuff like this comes across as bitter.

Nothing for me to legitimately gripe about. It’s not as if Cho is advocating anything or hiding an agenda. He’s not selling prints of these at a convention or producing a fan-comic Bat v. Supes through kickstarter.

It’s an art commission… and realistically speaking, only two people need to be satisfied with the final product: the artist and the patron. No one else’s opinion matters.

As for the merits of Batman and Superman, the characters were born of different mindsets and responses to social, cultural, and media contexts by many different people… and that was, what, 80 years ago? Screw that. Cape comics have an advantage over traditional literature in that they (usually) benefit from having multiple minds and multiple perspectives drive them forward. Don’t like the direction a book is going? Wait 18 months.

I’m a big supes fan and i thought it was funny. Lol

But what is actually more funny is him saying dont ask for AC run. That made me lol hard. No we wont ask you because there is an aritst ten times better than you doing a fine job and a writer capabe of actually writing a respectable hero story.

So yeah i hope you keep hating on supes because it puts a smile on my face. Never understand people get worked up with this. Just a fat joke. He certainly isnt mark waid or even the bigger supes hater miller. Just a random above average artist with below average writing. Take it easy ;)

P.S. Please never come to any supes title, let alone AC.

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