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Has Stephen Colbert secretly been an agent of Hydra all along?


Much like Hydra, the subversive organization set on world domination, Stephen Colbert is a master deception, and of the long game.

For the past eight and a half years, we’ve been fooled by the talk-show host, who’s so adept at the art of subterfuge that, in the wake of Steve Rogers’ “death” in 2007, he was bequeathed Captain America’s shield, which to this day is displayed — like a trophy! — on the set of The Colbert Report. Heck, he was so bold, so self-assured, that he even made a run for the White House in the Marvel Universe (a bid that was unsuccessful, thankfully).

But this week, Colbert finally revealed his true colors: As Marvel notes, one eagle-eyed fan spotted the phrase “HAIL HYDRA” was inserted into the opening of Monday’s show, making it all too clear where Colbert’s allegiances lie. Our eyes now are open to the threat he poses — will Colbert include himself in “The Threat Down”? — but it may be too late: Once Colbert succeeds David Letterman next year as the host of The Late Show, world domination will be within his grasp!

colbert shield

Stephen Colbert, in more innocent times …




April 23, 2014 at 12:25 pm

Stephen Colbert… he’s one of us.

Man, he sure had me fooled. This hurts almost as much as Ward…

Now we must have Stephen in Captain America 3.

Stephen, Agent of Hydra.

eagle-eyed? It’s the standard variable buzzword that changes every few weeks. People LOOK for this. It’s like ‘catching’ the chalkboard gag on the Simpsons.

You may have missed the tone of the post …

Hail Hydra.

Well this certainly changes the entire way I watch the “Colbert Report”. Now there is a secret Hydra agenda with everything Colbert talks about!

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