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Houston bar aims for different crowd with comics, video games

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With a name that gives a nod to a 19th-century physicist and a sign that features an olive within an atom, it’s a safe bet that Houston’s new Neil’s Bahr isn’t your run-of-the-mill drinking establishment.

Instead, Eater reports, it’s a bar where patrons can browse the comic book library, read sci-fi novels in the comfy lounge or play Super Nintendo and vintage arcade games.

“I’ve always wanted a geeky bar where people can watch The Simpsons or Star Wars on TV, a very hole-in-the-wall place,” owner Neil Fernandez told the website. He also has Industry Night Tuesday, which caters to bar and restaurant employees, and soon plans to launch trivia and cabaret/karaoke nights. Fernandez is even considering going “full-blown nerd” with Magic: The Gathering.

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From Yelp

From Yelp



The comics are a bad idea. Just invites all kinds of theft and destruction of property. But I do like the attempt to appeal to a different crowd. A bar in my home town used to project old superhero cartoons and or something like Johnny Quest on the wall. And Dave and Busters has been trying to get a similar market going, it seems with mixed success. Good idea overall.

I see what you did there, Neil.

I may have to wander over some day with friends. Too bad they don;t open til several hours after my shift ends. I’m just on other side of Downtown from them (bout 45 and 10). Seems like a cool place to hang out.

My mind is blown by this concept. Now, if you also had hookahs….

As far as destruction of property, I don’t think anyone expects the comics to be mint or even good condition.

Regarding theft, I would hope that fellow geeks would also be honorable, but maybe I’m being naive.

I’ll just add: as soon as I told my friends about this, we agreed to go there this afternoon after work. I was going to stay dry for a week, but…..this is just too good to pass up.

I’m aware of at least one bar/restaurant in the Seattle area that caters to geeks (more toward the video gamers, though).

Personally, I sorta miss the days when the local sushi establishment used to air anime on the big screens. Now they went all mainstream, which means travelogue footage. BAH.

Those Punisher 2099,Forgotten Realms and Silver Surfer books are just begging to be stole.

This really cool!! I wish I live in Houston now!! Regarding the comics, I can’t imagine anyone drinking a few and then going “I wished I had ‘Amazing Spider-Man #326′ right NOW!!”

It’s not like they’ve got Silver Age Journey Into Mystery out there. These are the type of comics that end up rotting in storage for years otherwise.

Could work, I’ve seen plenty of Cafes with little lending library shelves. Bring a stack of comics, take a stack of comics. Have some collected editions sitting around for peoples perusal.

Personally though, I’d rather it be more of a cafe than a bar.

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