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Hugh Jackman battles ‘Magneto’ on ‘Monday Night Raw’


You never know what to expect when Hugh Jackman appears on WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

A couple of years ago he helped Zack Ryder win a match by clocking Dolph Ziggler when the referee’s back was turned. Last night, Jackman returned to Raw to promote the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, bury the hatchet with Ziggler and battle Magneto — or at least wrestler Damian Sandow, who was cosplaying as the Master of Magnetism.

On a night that included announcer JBL making references to Asteroid M, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, Sandow tried to use his magnetic powers to take Jackman’s microphone, which — SPOILERS! — didn’t end well for Sandow. Check out the video below.



Saw this last night, it was super corny. I mean, Sandow’s supposed to be a guy who likes to brag how he’s smarter than the rest of the wrestlers. So… he dresses up like an eight-year-old and believes his powers of magnetism are working? Guh. Despite the presence of Hugh Jackman, the crowd really didn’t seem to be into it. (Then again, they weren’t into a lot of stuff on RAW. Kind of a dead crowd.)

However, I was really impressed by JBL’s nerdier comic book references. His gimmick is typically that he’s rich (which he is in real life), but that he’s also a huge nerd makes him a little endearing.


But hilarious.

what’s funny is that is a more authentic costume then in any of the fox movies

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