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J.H. Williams gets graphic for Blondie’s new album


One of the common comments when people see the work of J.H. Williams III is that it looks like fine art. It is, and as it turns out he has some fans in Blondie. This week the rock band debuted the packaging for its upcoming album Ghosts of Download, and it features a expansive set of artwork that Williams created exclusively for the release.

“The package design is a unique one, there will be two albums in one package – featuring the Ghosts of Download album along with another album of Blondie’s greatest hits newly recorded, and a deluxe version with all kinds of extra goodies,” he explains on his website. “I did all of the design work for Ghosts, while the Hits portion was done by someone else. I worked on every visual aspect of this release, from concept, to cover design, to booklet design, and all the same for the Vinyl Double LP. There are different pieces or alterations for the CD versus the vinyl, and the same situation for some foreign versions of the release – GO COLLECTORS GO!”

Williams says the idea behind the album art was to “marry the idea of digital and organic” visuals, and the handwriting for the lyrics is actually done by the members of Blondie. See more of the art below and on Williams’ website.

Ghosts of Download is set for release on May 13; you can order the traditional versions through major retailers or a special bundle package direct from Blondie’s website.


inside cover



I say this as a tremendous fan of J.H. Williams, but here are a lot of potential implications by way of exclusion and elitism in the use of the term “fine arts,” particularly when applied to artists who work in comics, that I tend to despise. Art is what it is. At least in my humble opinion.

Benjamin: The use of the term “fine arts” is mine, the author of the blog post, and not Williams’ own. It is meant to infer aesthetic differences from commercial, sequential art. It’s a means of defining, not a means of insulting other classifications of art.

My girlfriend is a HUGE fan of both Blondie and Promethea, so I expect that she’ll be getting this :)

@Chris: Understandable. I had no specific grievance with it’s use in this article, just a distaste for the term in general.

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