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‘Justice League United’ #1 scores a ‘Canada’ variant


DC Comics’ upcoming relaunch of Justice League of America was announced in August as Justice League Canada before it was changed in January to Justice League United. But with the arrival next month of Issue 1, the name will revert once more to Justice League Canada — if only on one cover.

Confused? Don’t be. As the Toronto Star reported over the weekend, the publisher will release a Canadian variant for the debut issue, featuring a recolored version of Mike McKone’s cover emblazoned with “Justice League Canada” (complete with maple leaf emblem). It will be available to all retailers.

The new series, which sees the Justice League transplanted to Canada amid the fallout from Trinity War and “Forever Evil,” boasts a roster that includes Green Arrow, Animal Man, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Supergirl, Stargirl, the now-Canadian Adam Strange and the new Cree teenage superheroine Equinox.

Written by Jeff Lemire and penciled by McKone, Justice League United #1 also introduces the New 52 version of the Unimaginable, a mysterious, and seemingly unstoppable, energy life form that debuted in 1966’s Justice League of America #42.

Justice League United #1 goes on sale May 14, just three weeks after the zero issue.

justice league united-canada



Justice League Canada … with a leader whose uniform is made up of American iconography.


Misthiocracy maybe thats why its no longer its real name, dope.

I’m assuming they renamed this book because it wouldn’t sell with “Canada” in the title.

I assumed Canada rebelled after being cast yet again as the country that hosts C-list superheroes… which is still way better than what my hometown got during the “Justice League Detroit” years.

Hmm, I don’t see Supergirl on the cover. Are we certain she is going to be in it? After all, she is hip deep into the Red Lanterns now.

Oh stop picking on Vibe.

I’d hardly call Martian Manhunter or Green Arrow c list

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