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Liefeld, Piskor recruited for ‘Transformers vs. G.I. Joe’ covers


While looking for some art earlier I can across something cool — artist Tom Scioli, who is hard at work on IDW’s Transformers vs. G.I. Joe comic, posted some alternate covers for the project from Rob Liefeld (Youngblood) and Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree) on his Tumblr.

“I can’t believe they’re letting us do this,” John Barber, who is writing the project, said yesterday at WonderCon. “It’s coming from a real pure place. The storytelling is crazy innovative, pure sci-fi, army cosmic clash between Earth and alien invaders. The Free Comic Book Day story on May 3, the Joes are engaging in a final showdown with Cobra and that’s right when Starscream shows up pursuing Bumblebee, that’s when things get out of hand. It’s so much fun. I’ve been a fan of Joes and Transformers since I was able to read.”

Check them out below. The comic kicks off this summer.

by Rob Liefeld

by Rob Liefeld

by Ed Piskor

by Ed Piskor



That Ed Piskor one is fantastic! The robots look heavy and like you could reach in and transform them like the toys. Also like the muted colors.

The Liefeld one, as usual, is a travesty. Why is Scarlet carrying a shipping tube that’s been set on fire?

I’m not one to comment, but dammit! Liefeld made optimus prime look like he was made out of a gumball machine and an obese gobot.

Bill Williamson

April 19, 2014 at 4:55 pm

There’s no way that could be Liefeld.

Too few pouches.

UGH!…PLEASE let Liefeld fade into the sunset…he single-handedly KILLED comics in the 90s….

Who’s the striped-suit mobster-looking guy in the Piskor piece?
Other than that seemingly random guy and Bazooka’s tiny head, it’s a fantastic cover!

Love the Popeye homage with Shipwreck.

I don’t know why people love Liefeld’s art…why?!!!
He sucks, for the love of God, it is poorly made

Worse than Liefelds art (which, really isn’t much worse than someone like Brett Booth’s art) is the onslaught of hackneyed overdone jokes whenever his name is mentioned.

@Iam Fear:

I believe the guy in the suit and domino mask is Headman:
And, yes, it appears Bazooka must’ve pissed off some island natives and got his head shrunk. It looks a bit off.


The shipping tube comment got me thinking about a bit from the editorial Larry Hama wrote in the final issue of the Marvel G.I. Joe series about how he’s been know to send his artists piles upon piles of reference materials in order to ensure that the hardware was properly rendered (he’s a stickler about this sort of thing). Hama would not approve of the “flaming tube” :)

Neither of them should be going near Transformers IMHO – this is the man that should be:

I dunno. The one by Liefeld isn’t half horrible. And the irony of it is everyone who seems to be loving Piskor’s cover would be blasting Liefeld for the same failure of proportion in Bazooka’s head and body. Yet Piskor gets a pass. I guess Liefeld earned his scorn. But this cover on it’s own probably doesn’t deserve it.

@Myron Lauzon – “he single-handedly KILLED comics in the 90s….”

I dont know what retconned world you live in, but he sold plenty in his time, 4 mil alone for xforce #1! You can blame the variant trading cards all you want, but New Mutants / XForce made Marvel serious ca$h before he killed himself leaving for Image. Everyone at the time was caught up in it – everyone.

I’m not defending his style or his art, just sayin’ noone could stop him, Lee, and McFarlane at the time, no matter what peoples opinions are today.

Oops, what will I tell all those hundreds of fans who bought this GI Joe/Transformers print at Wonder Con this weekend??? That they had no business liking it!!!??? The horror!!

Loving you guys as always, Thank you for your reactions. I delight in it!

You speak truth J-So!! Except, in no way did I “kill myself” leaving for Image. You are aware that every copy of Youngblood from #1-5 sold 1 MILLION copies….

Liefeld ,i fuckin love it man,i feel youve been reborn, thanks man:)

Scarlett has two “t’s” in it… so save your lame jokes Hedley…

I like the Liefeild one! And the joes and the bots toghter again? Yes! I loved Devil’s Due’s team ups and read at least three of the four once a month. I haven’t gotten around to Art of War yet.

I’m watching GIJOE THE MOVIE now and Falcon and The Renegades have invaded the Terrordrome! I want a joe-TF animated film set in G1 continuity.

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