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Peter parkour: This freerunning Spider-Man video is spectacular


Inspired by The Amazing Spider-Man 2, professional stunt man Ronnie Shalvis dons the familiar red-and-blue costume for an incredible short film in which the wall-crawler runs out of web fluid and turns to — what else? — parkour make his way across the city.

Directed by Cameron Manwaring and Chris Jordan, it’s a beautiful video that follows Shalvis as he leaps across rooftops, scales walls and flips down alleyways.

If you’re curious how they got some of those shots, the answer is drones, courtesy of Sky Candy Aerial Cinema. You can watch the video, along with a look behind the scenes, below.



The parkour is awesome, but there’s something distinctly underwhelming about a Spider-man that needs to use a fire escape ladder.

I think DD would have been a better fit in terms of the movement. But it was okay.

The comments above? Fanboys in a nutshell.

Great vid by the way.

Man, that was incredible! I wish I was able to do stuff like that.

It would be cool to see a Daredevil one though.

Man this made me wish there was a Spider-Man in real life

Thank you for such a kind and full article :)

Nice Parkour! I totally agree with the comment about it being sorta underwheling seeing Spidey, running up a fire escape and running when he should be slinging…(but thats just because we all expect that which in reality cannot be done by non-Recton spider biten humans.) I think thats why they showed the Web Crawler falling…so we see he’s out of web fluid.

BUT its really well made…good action…… great use of the Phantom Camera FLight Drone too!

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