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Quote of the Day | Comics industry’s ‘frozen adolescence’

“No idea has proven more damaging to the comics industry than the myth that its professionals — not just creators, but retailers, even distributors — work for love and not money. It’s a philosophy that has justified exploitation of creators and theft of intellectual property. It’s allowed the entire industry to pass the buck for its failures — from publishers to retailers, and retailers to — for decades. And it’s why the comics industry lingers in a frozen adolescence, clinging to a shrinking target audience like a sea captain railing at the storm — when the real problem is the rotting wood of his own hull.”

Rachel Edidin, former Dark Horse editor turned freelance writer and editor, addressing reactions to Amazon’s announced purchase of comiXology for



So beautifully said, that it is practically poetry.

Another idiotic quote generalizing the industry with the intellectual farms of the big two and their pandering to their “fans” willing to be squeezed for every last drop of their blood.

The industry is live and strong, dankyouveddymuch.

Just look at the list of Eisner noms. There is absolutely an incredibly amount of diversity from a vast array of publishers (and self-publishers!)

Another sad whine about superhero comics.

As in any entertainment/art there has been and always will be a balance between love/money. Each person choosing how to balance the scale.

as Mr. Biscuit has said, the industry is fine.

if a creator is good enough and able to come up with a character or concept that can crack the top 100, and be more compelling than the Universe spanning adventures of DC/Marvel, good for them. just like TV shows and movies.

Just know that 95% of new comics are not special and so won’t demand huge orders. But hey, good luck with that Kickstarter!

The Eisner Awards rewards creativity and skill, so it’s no shock that the big two are not well represented.

Marvel and DC are like Starbucks to yuppies. They pay a lot more than their cheap fix is worth but they will die before admitting they should be getting better.

I’ve been hearing comics writers, artists, and editors make statements like these for over 15 years.

Attackers and attacked do not change their beliefs; they batten down, retrench, dig in.

It’s not that Eiddin is necessarily wrong; it’s that this approach DOESN’T FUCKING WORK!

No. Shes wrong and closed minded in her outrage.

The difference is between perceiving comics as art, and perceiving comics as industry.

I don’t know where you guys have been, but the sales number do not support the strong and live argument. The growth fueled by DC and Marvel’s retail campaigns has not sustained, hence Marvel resorting to yet another retail campaign.

Art can be part of an industry. Just look at the Eisner noms! The proof is right there that it is do just fine! Industry can change for the better. Heck, TV is doing it, and comics are doing it too. I mean, the sales of other comics that art not from the big two are up. It happens because marvel comics is putting out bad comics, hence the new retail campaign.

I like how nobody has actually addressed Rachel’s statement about the exploitation of industry workers and that even the people on her side managed to wheedle this into a shit-fight about the Diamond Top 100

stay terrible, Robot 6 commenters

stay terrible

Because she generalizing it as the industry norm when it ian’t.

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