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Quote of the Day | Greg Rucka on fandom, sexism & community

hate coffee t-shirt“What in the name of everlovingfuck is the matter with you? Are you simply stupid? Are you just ignorant? Are you broken? Newsflash: you are owed NOTHING. Not a thing. Not a goddamn thing. This fandom, that fandom, guess what? It doesn’t belong to you.

You don’t own it. You partake in it. It’s called community.

You want something to be your thing, make a club, build a tree-fort, and do us a favor. Don’t come down.”

— writer Greg Rucka, addressing the anti-“fangirls” T-shirt specifically, and the territorial, anti-woman elements of comics fandom generally, in a blog post that should be read in its entirety

(Photo taken by Landry Walker at WonderCon Anaheim)



Creators taking a stand. FINALLY! Thank you. Now everyone else chime in.

Good job Greg!

I feel bad for chuckling at that shirt. Had it been anything else id want to own ten. But yeah, this anti fangirl thing is just fucking bizzare.

Well said, Greg! Why in the world would anyone want to exclude ANY person from the community of fandom? There is a place at this table for all who love comics, fantasy, or just a good story…

What Redartz said.

Andrew Allenpeat

April 22, 2014 at 4:53 pm

Read the original blog. The stuff about his daughter is heartbreaking. I hope things get easier for her in the future.

Rucka definitely is onto something when he implied that sexist fanboys have some warped sense of entitlement. I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense.

Staaaaahp! This t-shirt has now been seen by thousands. You are giving the trolls behind the shirt EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. Just like the playground people. They’re trying to get a reaction out of you and you are giving it to them!

Way to take a joke people. Get over it.

This is a shirt I would’ve publicly burned….right after I did the same to my Emerald City Comic-Con minion shirt.

Keith – you’re a dipshit.

Keith: you don’t get it. Build a fort……

With everything that is going on in America and this T shirt upsets you. Have a nice imaginary life.

@hhwolfman, this is going on in America, you condescending prick. This is an example of how one group of people wants to belittle and degrade another group for asinine reasons. This is an example of how ignorance can perpetuate a system that pays women less for doing the same job, keeps women from having ready access to birth control, and declares a woman shouldn’t run for president because she will be too sidetracked by being a grandmother. Just because you only care about Problem A, doesn’t mean that Problem B doesn’t exist.

The mouth breathers’ hate of fangirls comes from how they are automatically welcomed by MOST males within circles because they are female and perceived as more attractive than average because they like the same thing as said community. Think elementary school playground too.

@Tim. Actually, in a manner of speaking, it is what is wrong with with America. BTW. It is a humor shirt. Not to be taken seriously. I take it you are wearing a I hate hhwolfman T Shirt? I spoke my mind, with out cussing and no name calling. Then Bam! out of the blue, a hypocritical statement of why this T shirt is wrong, while the tone is in the same vein as watch you’re preaching against. Let me Guess. Liberal?

What, you’re preaching, that is.

To anybody who downplays this…

Replace the word ”fangirl” with (and I am omitting other words on purpose here) Blacks, Jews, Homosexuals, Handicapped, etc.

Still funny?
If you think so, I’m not sure I want to know.

I have two children, a boy and a girl. I guess I will go tell my eight year old daughter she needs to stop reading Harry Potter, and playing Dungeons & Dragons with my ten year old son and I.

Cos she’s obviously not really into it… What a hypocrite. I can’t believe I am raising my daughter like that… I have failed as a parent.

Now if I can get her to quit playing the violin and loving arts, words, and be accepting of others… and why not start really hating my very good lesbian friends and their son…


Rucka’s blog entry was awesome on so many levels…

Hell, Janelle Asselin’s whole entry was well-written, smart, interesting… You did not deserve any of this.

Props to Brett White too and all the others like them.

Thank you.


Greg Rucka…is simply magnificent. And I also applaud all of the other fans and writers who have been discussing this lately. And to those who say…”it’s just a t-shirt…it’s a joke!”

It’s not funny.

It’s not funny at all. How dare you tell me what I can and cannot like, simply because YOU like it, and I don’t have a penis, and therefore am not One Of The Chosen. Fake Geek Girl? I’m a 55 year old Grandmother, and I’ve been collecting comics since I was fifteen. Which is for longer than a lot of you little jerks have been alive. So stuff it.

I love Rucka’s quote and think it is awesome, but I suspect my reasons are slightly different than a lot of other peoples.

It seems to me that a lot of people think that this hatred of fangirls that is currently being spotlighted is caused by sexism. I agree that it is and agree that it is reprehensible. However, I suspect that most people think that particular type of sexism on display is the “sees women as inferior and likes to excluded them because of their inferiority” variety. I believe that it is sexism of the “forms negative stereotypes of women that they believe apply to all women variety.”

Specifically, I think that this hatred of fangirls is driven by a hatred of “poseurs,” i.e. people who have interests in some aspects of a culture or fandom, but have no interest in the deeper philosophy or history of the fandom. I think that there is a wrongful, sexist stereotype that girls and women are all poseurs, and a drive to exclude them because of this belief.

I believe that this anti-fangirl behavior is wrong on two levels. First, it is factually incorrect, there are many women who are deeply passionate about fandom and are certainly not poseurs. Second, it is morally incorrect. There is nothing wrong with being a poseur. There is nothing wrong with being a casual fan of something who has no interest in appreciating its history or underlying philosophy. I think people who whine about “poseurs” or “cultural appropriation” are terrible human beings.

Greg Rucka is right. No one “owns” a culture. When you say a culture is “yours” all that means is that you identify with it, it doesn’t mean you have any right to control it. No one has a right to control entry into a culture, and no one has a right to control what you take out of it. This goes for subcultures, like fandoms, and it goes for all other types of culture as well.

However, we should not mistake the type of sexism on display here for male-domination type sexism. I don’t think that complaining about fangirls is motivated by that. I think it is motivated by sexist stereotyping. If we approach it as a problem with patriarchy or masculinity we will just make the problem worse, because all these people will think (correctly) that we do not understand what they are complaining about, and they will resent being unjustly accused of wanting to subjugate women and take away women’s rights.

I like my entitled fanboy douchebags how I like my coffee: coarsely ground in my freezer.

Rev Bryan Taylor

May 25, 2014 at 7:05 pm

I am still unclear as to how widespread this has become because personally I have not come into any contact with this sentiment at all and i work in a comic store.
Yes, we have some customers with poor social skills and the stereotypes of those who have trouble even talking to girls but our store has a huge female client base and we just do not see any examples of this behavior. The quote in Powers was the first i had ever even HEARD of this sentiment.
Maybe folks just instinctively know that sentiments such as these would not be tolerated there so it hasnt come up. We do have the occasional “I was into that before it was cool” dillweedery but ALL comic stores have that. Even i am a pinch guilty of that from time to time. OK, i may have thought it but don’t vocalize it..
So what I am asking are what other types of examples are there of this or was this a sort of isolated incident.

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