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Quote of the day | Timeless, and subversive, Riverdale

live with archie-alex ross“I have a fleece that I wear that has an Archie patch on it, and everywhere I go people will stop me and say ‘Archie, I love Archie!’ I think the teen years are such a universal experience — people are either going through it, looking forward to going through it, not looking forward to going through it, went through hell in high school, loved their high school experience — and somehow Archie and his adventures capture all that. I went to an all-boys prep school and had a pretty good high school experience, I would say, but there’s always something about those stories where I always wished I went to Riverdale High. And I wish I was part of that kind of gang of friends. I don’t know why. But there was something really comforting about it. I also always thought there was something subversive about the brand. I always felt like there was stuff happening right to the right or the left of the panels, and I was always interested in what those stories were.”

– Archie Comics Chief Creative Officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa,
on the enduring appeal of the Riverdale gang



I don’t know about subversive . . . but yeah. Archie comics are the best. He’s right on the money about wanting to belong to a group of friends like Archies . . .

It’s pretty much stayed the same.

It used to be politically correct based on a phony version of how everything was perfect in 1950s Americana.

And now it’s based on a phony version of how everything can be perfect in 21st century liberalism.

No change whatsoever. Any way the wind blows. Whatever the trendy version of reality is supposed to be, Archie goes along with it.

So then, why not create an Archie book about just that? About what happens outside of the panels of the mainstream comics?

Assuming they aren’t doing that already, I mean. It’s never been in my sphere of interest, but if the temptation to break the mold is there… break it.

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