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Quote of the Day | Yanick Paquette on colorists

swampthing0“For me, above anything else, the quality of my work is imperative. The level of sacrifice required to do this job can only be justified by being proud of its final result. Yet, all my effort as the artist would be insignificant without the care and talent of my most pivotal collaborator; the colorist. By resisting to align its royalties and recognition policy on Marvel, it has become excessively difficult to secure the best colorists for DC projects. In this digital day and age, where often the entire comic visual is a two person operation, it seem aberrant that one of the two won’t receive the royalties or exposure respect they fully deserve. It’s about time we revisit that royalty pie split. And if we find the courage to slaps some annoying last minute advertisement banner on the cover, certainly adding the colorist name there shouldn’t be that challenging.”

Yanick Paquette, former Swamp Thing artist currently working on Wonder Woman: Earth One, sharing on Facebook part of his response to DC Comics’ recent talent survey.



This would be a great step in the right direction. Also I know inkers contribute a ton, and do they get any royalties? (Honest question, I actually don’t know.)

Crap computer coloring ruins so much line work.

Jonathon Ansley

April 4, 2014 at 11:00 pm

The problem is when a colorist over renders the colors, or doesn’t use the proper texture techniques. For example, the hardcover release of 100 Bullets, the colorist greatly over rendered, adding their own colored shading, almost entirely ignoring Eduardo Risso’s lighting choices, damn near ruining the art. I saw the first volume, put it back on the shelf and decided to stick with the original trades. Something similar can be said for anything Brandon Peterson colors. Someone needs to remind the man that there are more textures than latex and polished metal.

Inkers get royalties.

Yes, to Jonathon, I think the same thing. The coloring on the Starstruck books turned me off. Way overdone and I can’t even see Kaluta’s lines.

Wasn’t there an article here (Robo6) about how books are marketed on writers now to the detriment of artists? I think this insight from Paquette fits into that category. Inkers and colorists are also, in many cases, phenomenally talented in their own right. Not giving them credit or not paying them royalties erases their hard work and further deligitimizes their role in the creative process.

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