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Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience draws more than 100,000

salt lake fanx

The first Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, a spinoff of last fall’s Salt Lake Comic Con, attracted more than 100,000 attendees over the weekend, organizers say, making it the third-largest comics convention in the United States, behind Comic-Con International and New York Comic Con.

“I’ve said all along that we have the best fans in the world right here in the western United States, and they proved it again with their support and attendance at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX,” Salt Lake Comic Con founder Dan Farr said in a statement. ”We set our sights high with a goal of 100,000 attendees and because of the tremendous backing and encouragement from the fans we knew that we could achieve this lofty achievement.”

Announced in November following the sold-out inaugural Salt Lake Comic Con, which drew a reported 72,000 attendees to Salt Lake City, Utah, FanX was billed as a larger event with double the floor space and a greater focus on celebrity guests, cosplay and entertainment for families and children. The three-day convention kicked off on Thursday with Utah Gov. Gary Herbert declaring April 17 as Comic Con Heroes Day.

Guests ranged from comics creators like Neal Adams, Ed McGuinness and Michael Golden to actors like Patrick Stewart, Nathan Fillion and Karl Urban.

Salt Lake Comic Con will return Sept. 4-6.



Although I wasn’t able to attend either con, I’ve been incredibly impressed by feedback of both, and what they were able to do in just under a year. Stan Lee was at the inaugural con, and this time around they had the entire TNG cast (except Levar and Wheaton), 4 Walking Dead cast members, 2 Firefly alums, and 2 Buffy alums, as well as comics notables like the ones mentioned in addition to PAD, Ryan Ottley and Tyler Kirkham.

I’m already planning on attending in September. Hopefully there will be some sort of official presence from the Big Two.

uhhhh… that picture sure doesn’t look like 100,000 fans. The con is probably counting a three day pass as three attendees. Typical con counting.

That picture represents about 10% of the total space taken up by the con. This thing was huuuuuuge.

I was there on Saturday and it was packed ! That picture was taken Thursday but I believe the 100,000 with the biggest celebs having their panels on Saturday. I will be going with my whole family in Sept. it was a way better experience then Sept it just keeps getting better and I hope we get better booths and celebs this time around !

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