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Six by 6 | Six spectacularly bald comic characters

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Professor X

Professor X

Arguably the most famous bastion of baldness in superhero comics, Professor Charles Xavier lost his hair when his mutant powers emerged — quite a trade-off. Since then he’s displayed his bald head with pride, even if it made him look older than he actually is.

Spider Jerusalem

Spider Jerusalem

Spider Jerusalem didn’t go bald, he made a choice. In the first issue of Transmetropolitan he’s shown with a Alan Moore-like cascade of dark locks, but shaves it all when he descends back into modern civilization.


Uatu the Watcher

The enigmatic Uatu the Watcher never had a chance to style his hair; his entire race is born to be bald. His father once carried a mean-looking goatee, but Uatu has never been seen with even a 5 o’clock shadow. For Uatu, his baldness propagates the alien “other-ness” of his persona as a hands-off observer of the human race. He’s set to be murdered in next month’s Original Sin #1, but should he ever come back, perhaps it will be with a stylish new ‘do.

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how can you not include Charlie Brown on this list?

how is Spider on here and not King Mob…?

ahuramazda: Charlie Brown had hair, but not much. Schulz said he cropped it short.

braun: it’s my six picks. What’s your six picks?

Honorable Mention: Dr. Mindbender. (I’d give him an HM because he was technically a toy first before appearing in the GI Joe comics.) If you’re not familiar with the good doctor, he began as Dr. Binder, a kindly orthodontist who tried to create a pain-relieving machine. Instead, the machine allowed him to brainwash people and it turned him eeeevil… and apparently gave him knowledge of every scientific field possible.\

Plus, he got buried in a freighter under a volcano, died, then got cloned back to life. He’s lived an interesting life, that Dr. Mindbender.

Juan Hernández

April 25, 2014 at 3:39 pm

No love for the Silver Surfer? As I recall, he has never had hair neither as an alien scientist nor as the Herald of Galactus.

Also, does Ghost Rider count? I mean he is a skull but he has a sweet flame over his conk.

Dr. Sivana.
The Kingpin.
Martian Manhunter.
Luke Cage.
Nick Fury Jr.
Silver Surfer. (Hey, even before he got the Power Cosmic, he was bald.)
Drax the Destroyer.
Bullseye. (Well, in the movie, anyway. Not sure about the comic version.)
Dr. Manhattan.
Dr. Druid.

Cassandra Nova

In Fantastic Four Roast, Thor called “the Thing” “Bald One”
Of course, Thor did have a friend who was Balder but he had more hair than the Thing

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