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Thom Zahler’s ‘The Complete Love and Capes’ arrives in June


Before he started working on those red-hot My Little Pony comics from IDW, Thom Zahler created Love and Capes, the charming and funny story of mild-mannered bookstore owner Abby and Mark, accountant by day and superhero by night. Through four miniseries, we saw them fall in love, get married and eventually have a baby — and deal with super villains, Amazonian ex’s and other zany superhero stuff. If you missed it the first time, you’re in luck — IDW will collect all three miniseries in The Complete Love and Capes, due out June 18.

Zahler told me that in addition to the previously published material, there’s also a back section full of extras that haven’t been collected before.

“The T-shirt designs, the drinking glasses, the pins and all the prints I do of the Love and Capes characters in the cities that I visit for conventions,” Zahler said. “There’s also the one-page print I did with Just Jenn Recipes where we homage the old Hostess ads. That’s the only story to take place after the last issue of ‘What to Expect.’ And there’s a wonderful introduction written by Paul Levitz, too.”

So does this mean Zahler is done with the characters?

“Here’s the thing: The story is where I was always trying to get it,” he said. “So I’m conflicted between getting off the stage or staying with the characters I love so much. I don’t want to be like one of those TV shows that doesn’t know when to end. That said, there are ideas that have started bubbling in my head as to what to do next.”

For now, he said, this is it. “But if and when the right story comes along, I’ll come back guns blazing,” Zahler said. “Until then, I have a couple more My Little Pony stories coming out, and I’ve just placed a new project that hopefully I can announce soon. All I can say for now is that if you liked Love and Capes, this will be something you want to see.”

Check out some pages from the collection below.









Matthew Smithen

April 11, 2014 at 9:18 am

A correction for the article: there are four Love and Capes trade paperbacks, not three. Do you want to know a secret?, Going to the Chapel, Wake Up Where you are and What to Expect.

Thanks Matthew; it’s been updated!

Granted, My Little Pony would be red hot for anyone lucky enough to get that easy cheddar gig.

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