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UK’s Eagle Awards relaunched as The Stan Lee Eagle Awards

stan-lee-eagle-awardsNearly two years after their presumed demise, the United Kingdom’s Eagle Awards have reemerged with a new name and host convention: The Stan Lee Eagle Awards, to be presented July 12 at London Film and Comic Con.

Named after the British children’s comic Eagle, the fan awards were presented more or less annually from 1977 until going dormant in the early 1990s. They were resurrected again in 2000, only to be shuttered in 2012 with a surprise announcement that made public a riff between awards chair Cassandra Conroy and MCM Expo.

Conroy, daughter of Eagle Awards co-founder Mike Conroy, is again at the helm. “My dad’s intention was always to give the fans a voice, and I’m delighted that this latest initiative will take his vision to an entirely new plane,” she said in a statement.

Lee is scheduled to attend London Film and Comic Con, which has been announced as his final European convention appearance.

“The original Eagle Awards had a coveted reputation that was well earned and respected,” Cassandra Conroy said. “But to have Stan ‘The Man’ Lee offer his brand and patronage to champion The Stan Lee Eagle Awards is just incredible. There has been a Conroy behind the Eagle Awards since their inception in 1976. I’m delighted that such a legendary creator as Stan has been willing to help me build on my father’s legacy.”

Online nominations are now being accepted in 29 categories, including favorite rising stars, favorite American, British and European comics, favorite webcomics and favorite publishers.



Can’t wait for the Stan Lee Media lawsuit to inevitably follow.

This is disgusting. Why is an English award named after an American?!?!??

I wouldn’t say it’s disgusting but it’s certainly disappointing and puzzling to say the least.

Interesting story, landing 45 years to the week that the last issue of The Eagle went on sale. I used to buy imported US comics from Mike Conroy in my teens and voted in his first Eagle awards so just pleased to see these continuing.

Stan the Man and the Reverend Marcus Morris were worlds apart, so I find the name change to be amusing rather than insulting. But the Odhams UK weeklies of my childhood reprinted a substantial amount of Lee, Kirby, Ditko and Heck so you can’t deny that Stan was pretty influential on a segment of British fans of my generation.

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