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What other covers feature a ton of characters?


Deadpool #27 made headlines yesterday when it was announced that the cover had set the record for the most comic book characters on a single issue cover, as declared officially by Guinness World Records. It also brought a lot of discussion in our comments, as fans asked what the previous record holder was and if, indeed, it truly beat out every other cover out there as depicting the “most comic book characters on a single issue cover.”

So I thought maybe we should take a look at some of the candidates folks pointed out …

It’s not surprising that, given he’s known for highly detailed drawings of tons of characters, George Perez’s name should come up. I don’t think this one comes close to matching the 224 “publicly familiar” characters on the Deadpool cover — Superman and Supergirl blocking a good portion of them certainly doesn’t help. But maybe back in the 1980s, when the cover was originally released, it could have been a contender:


Also in the Perez category is the cover to JLA/Avengers #3. Considering how many characters have called themselves Avengers or members of the Justice League, it’s no surprise that a cover attempting to feature every member of both teams would feature a buttload of characters. I started to count these myself and kept losing my place around No. 200, but maybe you’ll have better luck (I’ll stick with my very unofficial “a buttload” for now).

Update: The number is 208, as was confirmed in our comments section below. Thanks guys!


And then there’s the cover for the collected edition of Crisis on Infinite Earths, by George Perez and Alex Ross. It features 562 characters:


…which would blow Deadpool #27 out of the water. However, as several folks have noted, Deadpool’s award was for single issue, so this collection likely wouldn’t have counted. That doesn’t mean DC couldn’t register their own record for most comic characters on a graphic novel or collection, or something similar.

Finally, there’s the cover to G.I. Joe America’s Elite # 25, by Chris Lie:


How many characters does it include? According to the image below, which I believe was included in the comic, that would be 236 — 12 more than the Deadpool cover — and that doesn’t even include the animals in the front row. Does Junkyard not count? I always liked him better than Mutt anyway.


These are the ones I’ve seen referenced … do you know of any others that might come close? Let us know in the comments below!



Hmm a challenge… but you did name the one book (GI Joe A.E.) & artist (George Perez) who I thought had it beat. The only other I believe would be close would be like a Phil Jimenez but I don’t think off hand that he had the sheer volume of characters.

Some dude put up a guide online to who everyone was on the JLA/Avengers cover when it came out. Don’t know if that’s still around, but it would have an official count.

And I Quote”

“Of those 232, 224 were deemed publicly familiar enough by Guinness World Records to qualify for the mark, establishing a true comics first.”

I am betting not enough of those 236 characters on the GI Joe issue were “familiar enough” to count. If only 13 of the Gi Joes were unfamiliar, Deadpool would have the issue beat.

I know JLA/Avengers falls short by about 30, but even if it comes close…come on, it has 5 Hank Pyms.

There is 208 on the JLA/Avengers cover, they included a diagram and list in the Absolute Edition. I just confirmed it.

Thanks Wynn! I updated the post.

I gotta say that Ross Perez cover is the most dynamic and beautiful of those listed here. Rather then the others which just have all those characters standing around looking at something in the forground. Ross’s and Perez’s is an entire story being told with victories and losses all throughout the piece. I would very much like that above my desk.

For the 2nd printing variant, they should just use the same exact cover but add a single character to it and break their own record.

Would make a nice poster!

Bill Williamson

April 10, 2014 at 8:15 pm

@ Korath: By the looks of things some of those eight characters on the Deadpool cover were actually just artistic representations of the comic’s creators, which is probably why they didn’t count. If that GI Joe cover is all GI Joe characters then I don’t think there would be any problem.

Dave Metcalfe Carr

April 11, 2014 at 1:44 am

That Ross Perez cover is hideous. I just don’t get Alex Ross. Technically he’s very good but that is just a complete mess

Superman VS Muhammad Ali Came to mind immediatly to mind.
Although it feature mostly celebrity of the time and DC staffers.

So, I’m guessing the blurb on the cover, “The Most Important Issue #27 In The History Of Comics!” is a joke, implying that it’s more important then, say, Detective #27?

@Richard J. Marcej —- well, it’s a Deadpool comic. Which is to say he’s this generation’s Ambush Bug.

Yep. There’s even a variant for that issue that pays homage to the Detective Comic one.

@El Santo – I don’t know, I’ve always seen Deadpool as this generation’s Herbie Popnecker.

I second the opinion of the Ross/ Perez “Crisis on Infinite Earths” cover to be super amazing. Like, it’s crazy how well the cover points out all of the major highlights from the story line. It’s so well done, from a story telling perspective, that I think that people could get the gist of what happened in “Crisis” without having read it.

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