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Your move, Peter Parker: Man creates working web-shooter


Countless children, and more than a few adults, have played with toy versions of Spider-Man’s web-shooters, the kind that shoot water or Silly String or short strips of nylon rope. However, it’s never quite like the “actual” thing, or so I’m guessing (come on, in some cases you’re essentially strapping a squirt gun to your wrist).

Enter Patrick Priebe, described by Gizmag as a “German laser weapons hobbyist” — everybody needs a hobby, right? — who has crafted his own real-life web-shooter. Only instead of web fluid, it shoots a brass-tipped mini-harpoon at the end of a length of fishing line. As you can see, it’s pretty impressive, with a triggering mechanism beneath the glove and even an aiming laser. But Priebe doesn’t stop there: He’s also created a wrist-mounted burning laser and a Cyclops-inspired visor … with burning lasers, naturally. Check and mate, Peter Parker!

Check them out in action in the videos below.



Mini Harpoon?? Sounds like Scorpion to me!

Not really a web shooter, is it. What with it’s lack of, y’know, webs.

Reminds me of Ben Reilly’s stingers.

Hobie Brown would be proud.
I actually tried to build a pressurized wrist-mounted adhesive sprayer back in the ’90s. Given my inexperience and lack of money, it was almost guaranteed to go badly, so when the metal tank burst and put a big hole in my wrist there was really nobody to blame but myself. Left a big suicide-attempt-looking scar too.

The Tinkerer IRL

Terrible video. Those aren’t web shooters, those are “wrist guns”. Any one can attach a weapon to a wrist.

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