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‘Batman: The Animated Series’ intro, remade in (mostly) live-action


It’s been nearly two decades since Batman: The Animated Series went off the air, but it still looms large in the minds of fans and producers alike — so much so that it’s become the gold standard by which all subsequent DC Comics-based animated projects are inevitably compared. Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski created a visual style and dark tone that continues to influence comic books, movies and television series both animated and live-action (including, it seems, Fox’s newly ordered Gotham).

Paying tribute to Batman: The Animated Series, and “the creative geniuses” behind it, fans Tomi Pietilä, Teemu Saarinen and Tommi Tuominen have recreated the show’s classic opening sequence in a blend of live-action and 3D-animated modeling. Watch the video below.

(via Dirk Manning)



That gave me a nostalgia kick! But the bat symbol on the costume is too big.

By the Atheist’s Gods that was awesome !

Cute- though that was one slow motion fight scene.

Enjoyed it…but they could have tried a -little- harder with the fight scene.

The cape not blowing in the wind is my biggest complaint lol. Otherwise great vid.

Audio quality makes 0 sense. Not a single VHS recording is like that. Bad recordings sound muffled, good recordings sound clear. This sounds like when you take a microphone and place it in front of a TV.

Icicle C Cold

May 14, 2014 at 6:30 am

And I thank you SO much for making it! I have always held the animated series of the 90s with the beautiful Dark Deco style to be the true mythos of the Batman saga, which is why I hate the new Batman movies. Loved the video. Only one thing bothered me about it.The lightning bolt at the very end. It didn’t look like a lightning bolt. But I know from experience that lightning is a difficult thing to attempt in 3D render, so that’s OK. Cause it’s still EPICALLY AWESOME!

I know its nearly impossible to find a batman costume with an accurately sized bat-symbol.
And big fans aren’t exactly a convenience store commodity for the cape in the wind effect.
Those guys don’t take into account the details of filming and getting what you need for a reasonable price.

I got instant goosebumps ! :) loved it!

“By the Atheist’s Gods”?? Trying to hard bro….relax.

Cut too slow. Way too slow.

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