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Captain America charged with texting nude pics to teen

James Weldon Alton (via the Orange County Jail)

James Weldon Alton (via the Orange County Jail)

A 29-year-old who worked as Captain America at Universal Studios Orlando faces a felony charge after police say he sent sexually explicit text messages and photos to a 16-year-old girl he met at the theme park.

James Weldon Alton allegedly began a friendship with the girl after he commented about a photo she posted online of the two of them taken at Universal Orlando. According to the arrest affidavit (via The Smoking Gun), Alton said he exchanged phone numbers with the teen, and the two began texting. During the next two weeks, those conversations “turned explicit,” with Alton allegedly sending photos of his penis.

According to police, the girl’s father called authorities after learning about the texts and photos, and discovering that Alton had set up a “possible date” with her at the mall. Alton was charged with transmitting harmful material to a minor with an electronic device and booked Thursday at the Orange County Jail. He was subsequently released on bail.

Police say the explicit photos — eight to 10 in all — were sent after Alton learned the girl was 16. Alton reportedly told investigators he knew the teen was too young, but he “chose to disregard this because at times he thought it was a joke or that it was all merely an online flirtatious relationship.” He also allegedly acknowledged “poor judgment on his part.”

A spokesman for Universal Orlando, where Alton has worked since 2010, told the Orlando Sentinel he’s been fired.

(via The Daily Dot, Gawker)



Phew. At first when I read the headline of this article I thought it was Chris Evans and was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Chris, you too?” :p

So stupid.

Andy E. Nystrom

May 6, 2014 at 11:17 am

And this was the day the Red Skull decided to retire, having realized that Captain America was a greater enemy to himself than the Skull could ever be.

Hey, so the picture posted?

I don’t care if YOU guys blocked me out, my damn picture is all over the internet. I’m 24 years old, not 16. The above picture (“after he commented about a photo she posted online of the two of them (above)) IS ME BUT I’M NOT THE UNDERAGE GIRL IN QUESTION.

Seriously, this lazy journalism is making my day hell.


Stinky Feet Lover

May 6, 2014 at 11:45 am

He was very wrong. But why is a 16 yr old girl giving out her number to guys almost twice her age also?!!!!

Thank you for deleting the picture. MUCH appreciated

Bill Williamson

May 6, 2014 at 1:35 pm

That’s quite a headline.


May 6, 2014 at 6:31 pm

Frankly, It consider it far more creepy that a father is making his 16-year-old daughter’s sex life his business.


How is it creepy for a parent to be concerned about their underaged kid’s relationships?

Oh thank God. I thought it was Chris Evans, and you could just see the Darth Vader “no!” In my face ” :)

Also, I’m under the impression that the girl TOLD her dad. But if he was, like, reading her text messages or something, that is creepy.

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