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Chinese comic adaptation of ‘Star Wars’ is wonderfully surreal


As weird as Marvel’s 1977 adaptation of Star Wars was with its off-model Darth Vader and unrecognizable Jabba the Hutt, it has nothing — nothing! — on a bizarre, unlicensed version published some three years later in China.

Discovered by historian Maggie Greene, the adaptation doesn’t much resemble a comic book as we know them; instead, there’s one panel per page, with some text. Greene notes that Star Wars had been released in Hong Kong about two years earlier, which she presumes is “where the ‘libretto’ and stills, etc. came from.” However, she writes, “it seems pretty obvious from the drawings that the artists weren’t always working from an actual film, or really much at all.”

Indeed, as South Morning China Post points out, many of the ships and uniforms have a distinctly Cold War feel, while C-3PO morphs between the droid we’ve come to know and the robotic Maria from Metropolis. That’s to say nothing of Darth Vader’s army of Boba Fetts (perhaps the comic’s creators were prescient?), his apparent plans for an attack on Kennedy Space Center, or the decidedly chimp-like Chewbacca (who curiously appears on-model elsewhere).

Judging from the inclusion of Boba Fett(s), the 2-1B surgical droid and Bossk, the artist had seen some promotional materials for The Empire Strikes Back, released in 1980, and mashed all of the elements into one strange little comic that needs to seen to be truly appreciated. Greene has the whole thing as a PDF on her website.






The most amusing part for me was the picture of Darth Vader staring at the Kennedy Space Center. It really raises a lot of questions of why the artist felt the need to include that in the picture.

Well, to be fair, the “off-model” Jabba the Hutt (Hut, originally) was there because he was going to be more humanoid originally (though still not like the Cantina bar character put into the comic — see the original footage here: ), but those scenes were cut from the film–and then, when re-released later, the part of that scene with Han was spliced in with new special effects for the completely revised notion of Jabba.

I imagine that in the Chinese version of Star Wars, the Empire are the good guys, advancing the glorious cause of the Workers’ Revolution, and the Rebel Alliance are a bunch of subversive, traitorous Capitalists who want to restore the decadent Republic to power, once again trampling upon the rights of the proletariat.

Is that a submarine flying through space?? Neat.

Translated version is here:

The story has actually surprisingly faithful to the original film so far. But the some of the images are kind of out there (Darth Vader posing in front of a triceratops for one, and Obi-wan on a rocket powered motorcycle for another).

Well during that time, the comic was published in hong Kong in the 70s to 80s, China was really messed up that time. This author never watched Star Wars movie he just read the novel. You know during that time Chinese can’t read or watch thing from other countries. I kinda feel respect for this guy, he made the whole comic by reading the novel during a dark time.

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