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Comics A.M. | Con’s response to cosplayer sparks backlash

Cherry City Comic Con

Cherry City Comic Con

Conventions | Ross Lincoln gathers up the threads of a story that’s been unfolding over social media for the past few days: A cosplayer expressed concern that the Facebook cosplay gallery for the inaugural Cherry City Comic Con in Salem, Oregon, featured significantly more women in costume than men. Displeased by the dismissive reply from the administrator of the Facebook page, she sent a private message asking for a refund of her convention registration fee, explaining, “I don’t think this will be a safe place for female cosplayers.” Organizer Mark Martin posted that request on his personal Facebook page with the response, “despite the no touch policy, the family friendly policy, the 3 security guards at all times, and the fact that you’re bat-shit crazy? Refunded!”

Several prominent cosplayers picked up on that, and it became a cause celebre on Twitter and Facebook for a couple of days; meanwhile, things got more complicated with sock puppets and a possibly fictitious con representative getting involved. In the end, Martin apologized; to give organizers their due, the convention includes a harassment policy in its official rules and policies. The con will take place on May 10-11. The Daily Dot has more. [The Escapist]

Crime | Thieves Indianapolis, Indiana, broke the back window of Brendon Dravet’s SUV on Monday night and stole a comics collection numbering in the hundreds of issues. Dravet, who had just moved to a new neighborhood, has been collecting comics since he was 8 years old. “You stole my childhood,” he said. “When I have a son in the future, that was going to be his college fund, so you stole his childhood, along with his college fund.” [WTHR]

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day | Retailer Joe Field, the founder of Free Comic Book Day, discusses his original idea and how it has evolved over the years. [Naperville Sun]

Free Comic Book Day | Selena Fragassi talks to Chicago retailers about the changing comics scene and what Free Comic Book Day means to them and their stores. [Chicago Sun-Times]

Creators | Jason Aaron and Jason Latour discuss their new Image comic, Southern Bastards. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Dave Stewart talks about his work as a colorist. [OPB]

Creators | Matt Kelly interviews Mark Schultz, the creator of the Eisner and Harvey award winning Xenozoic Tales. [Comics Creator News]

Creators | Bill Kohlhaase drops in on a meeting of 7000 B.C., a New Mexico comics organization that brings local creators together for comics jams and other collaborative work and will produce an anthology for Free Comic Book Day. [The New Mexican]

Creators | Mike Gavazzi is a high school teacher by day, graphic novel creator at night. [The Sentinel]

Conventions | Julio Ojedo-Zapata’s preview of this weekend’s Wizard World the Minneapolis Comic Con is a good primer on cons in general, and it also touches on the controversy Wizard World has engendered by scheduling its cons so close to other local events. [St. Paul Pioneer Press]



His response was unprofessional, but as far as I’ve observed the Cosplay community is more female than male. I think she was reading too much into it.

Um, everything after your first four words is unnecessary.


May 2, 2014 at 7:32 am

“When I have a son in the future, that was going to be his college fund, so you stole his childhood, along with his college fund.”

BWAHAHAH!!! I’m sorry. I shouldn’t laugh at someone else’s misfortune but… mmmphfghghhh… heh… BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

In regards to the Cherry City Con kerfluffle . . .uhm, its called privacy settings. You can change them so that only your friends see them.

Netiquette should be a required course for business professionals. Seriously. Yeah, its your own page but you’re a representative of something be it an organization, business, convention. Be professional.

And why was the cosplayer following his private page? This could have all around been avoided by a simple “Friends Only Post” or honestly, a little common sense. Some things are best kept private and never post when you’re angry.

There’s a difference between drooling and groping. The problem is people accosting cosplayers, upskirting folks, etc. If you’re just staring, that’s not a problem.

I’ve attended cons without even being in costume and my own husband had to extricate me from guys who put their hands on my wheelchair and were trying to wheel me off!


May 2, 2014 at 7:49 am

As a male cosplayer and someone who has seen first hand how some glfemales are treated at cons I think his response was terrible. Female cosplayers should be able to dress up as whatever character they like without having to worry about some scumbag putting their hands on her. It’s messed up that the guy didn’take any effort to make sure someone felt safe at his event. I’m glad she got her refund and hope she uses it for a con run by someone with a bit more professionalism.

Something that should be noted: while he has claimed that the woman who requested a refund blew this up, he was actually the one to post screencaps of their conversation, including her full name (since redacted), and mocked it publicly. When that received negative attention, he attempted to blame her for posting the exchange. He attempted to publicly shame her, and when the backlash hit, accused her of doing it for attention.

So keep this in mind when claiming that it’s a ‘tempest in a teapot’ or stuff like that, or the cosplayers making a fuss over nothing; all she did was request a refund and that should’ve been honored without a fuss.

I suppose a comic book collection could become a college fun if you had about 40,000 of them and you actually managed to sell each of them at a dollar apiece? Or did he have some golden-age comics that he failed to mention?

It’s a terrible situation that no one should ever be in, but I’ve been collecting comics long enough to know that “valuable” collections are extremely rare.

Rollo Tomassi

May 2, 2014 at 8:08 am

Based on the photos, I approximate Mr. Dravet’s age to be approximately 25-28. Which means he started collecting in the early to mid 90s.
Sorry bro, it sucks your collection got jacked by some petty a-hole, but your complete run of Operation:Galactic Storm, opened copy of Superman 75, and a bunch of issues of Youngblood and Brigade aren’t gonna get your kid thru college. Or even a textbook. Or bus fare.

People, if your collection is worth anything, get it insured.

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