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Cosplay group mixes Gotham’s finest with Hefner’s Bunnies


The creative crew of Skirts and Swords has come together for a twisted take on the denizens of Gotham City titled Arkham Bunnies. Inspired by the DC Comics  and artist Milkydayy’s own Gotham Bunnies, this amazing cosplay creation was photographed by Greg De Stefano (who can be seen as Batman). Take a look:




Ms. Freeze looks like she’s ready to pilot an Evangelion.

Why was my comment deleted?

So DC releases the bombshells and that’s over sexualizing women then a few hours later you post this?

The hypocrisy is hilarious!

Your strong need to compare apples and oranges is really disturbing, Nitewinghe.

Why was my comment deleted?

Not really apples and oranges. They’re the same thing. These bunnies are from the era (about) as the bombshell variants. They’re in the same vein. “Comics are for everybody”, and evidently, DC is making some for them. The playful sexiness here is promoted, so why not the covers as well?

P.S. I get why DC is getting crap. The Teen Titans cover is crass, etc. But, cashing in on a popular toy line makes sense.

Two-Face and Scarecrow are stunning. Really great costuming.

Completely apples and oranges. The uproar over the bombshell covers is because the owners of the actual IP are pimping their ladies. The bunnies are not an official promotion. It’s like bitching about slashfic v the actual crap DC editorial is mandating in their stories.

This is cheesecake not pretending to be anything else. It’s an homage to both characters these people like and a more cartoonish version of the “classic” Playboy motif…more of a burlesque deal than the full on nudity thing. It’s obviously for the male gaze which is why Batman isn’t dressed up like a Chippendale’s dancer.

I can see why people would see promoting this yet criticizing the objectification of female comic book characters as problematic, but really the big difference is that these people are all adults and (hopefully) not aiming for the child demographic. Also they’re not teenagers.

And let’s not forget that the bigger issue of the criticism of the Teen Titans cover wasn’t the criticism itself but the violent and disturbing backlash that followed. It was more of a rorshach test for corporate comics fans than anything else. Look in the mirror for that solution.

To me, the more accurate complaint would be the promotion of this vs. the criticism of that Powerpuff Girls variant cover from a while ago. Those two are on more even footing in my opinion.

Either way, fuggit. We’re all adults here. No one is forcing these women to do this. Let’s not get out the burquas and ruin a good time!

Give me male cheesecake and I we can talk about the legitimacy of your Apples and Oranges.

The Majority of those characters are male . . . Get a female Catwoman/Hugh Hefner type and bring on the boys . . . otherwise this is EXACTLY like the Bombshell covers, rotten apples. To the core.

@Jesus S!

There’s a decent amount of scientific evidence that the typical man is more turned on by visual cues than the typical woman. So obviously the majority of visual media featuring sexy visuals will be targeted towards men. There’s no need to bring in any quasi-conspiracy theories about how this is part of some nefarious plot to keep women down.

There was nothing wrong or offensive about the “Bombshells” cover and there isn’t anything wrong with this.

It’s okay to like sexy things.No matter what the thought police think.

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