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DC superheroes gear up for three-year NASCAR deal


Superman, Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern will team up with NASCAR drivers Kasey Kahne, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. as part of a new promotional partnership between DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Hendrick Motorsports.

Announced today, the three-year deal is geared toward marketing NASCAR to a younger demographic with initiatives like car paint schemes featuring DC superheroes, and print and digital comics co-starring the Hendrick drivers.

Like comics, NASCAR is seeing its audience, which is 78 percent male, age: According to Variety, the average fan is 42 years old. The agreement also gives DC and Warner Bros. an opportunity to reach the 5.8 million viewers who tune in to each of the races broadcast on Fox, TNT, ABC and ESPN.

Superman will be the first superhero out of the gate, appearing on Earnhardt’s No. 88 Chevrolet SS on May 25 at Charlotte Motor Speedway and June 15 at Michigan International Speedway. The Man of Steel will be featured in a National Guard paint scheme to promote Superman Hall of Heroes, a new gift-giving website launched this week by Warner Bros.

The Superman/National Guard paint scheme will be unveiled May 21.



Are many comics fan NASCAR fans? I don’t really see any synergy to be had here but then again I am from the North East where NASCAR has no noticeable following.

Dale Jr. did race with the DKR Batman logos all over his car when the movie came out and Jeff Gordon used to have the Superman logo on his car years ago. I’d say that this will bring in more comic fans.

You’d be surprised, “Me,” just how varying people’s interests are. Just as I’m sure you’d be surprised how many race fans there are up north.

Works for me. We always need more cannon fodder for the next Crisis.

This is pretty awesome! And DC characters appearing in NASCAR is nothing new.

In addition to carrying the “Dark Knight Rises” colors when he won at Michigan in 2012 Dale Jr. also carried a “Man of Steel” paint scheme last year.

Back in 2004 drivers in both the then NEXTEL Cup and Busch Series carried characters from the “Justice League” animated series. And I believe Greg Biffle won the NEXTEL Cup race sporting the Flash.

In the late 90’s Dale Jr. ran a Superman-themed car in the Busch Series, that time it was the comic book version of the character. That promotion spanned several different racing series, from Busch series to Craftsman Truck Series to NHRA to IndyCar. There was even a comic book tie-in featuring all the drivers interacting with Superman to help stave off some world threat.

And the first time I remember seeing a DC character in NASCAR was when Bill Elliott carried a “Batman Forever” paint scheme to tie into his sponsor McDonald’s promotions. He even renamed his car the Thunderbat for the race (he ran a Ford Thunderbird at the time).

And “Me”, there must be a pretty heavy NASCAR following in the Northeast since they run a Sprint Cup race in New Hampshire twice a year as well as races at Watkins Glen, NY and Pocono, PA.

Given Dale Jr.’s success when he has Batman riding along with him I’m hoping he gets to carry him again in several races before the partnership ends.

Ernie Hegmann

May 25, 2014 at 2:53 pm

They should add Danica Patrick to the Deal and put Wonder Woman on her car.

And yes I am a NASCAR and Comic Book Fan

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