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Ed Piskor channels Rob Liefeld for his take on that ’90s Levi’s ad


I can’t think of a better way to close out the day than with an adaptation of the Spike Lee-directed 1990 Levi’s commercial featuring a young Rob Liefeld, as drawn by Ed Piskor … channeling Rob Liefeld.

It’s an excerpt from Hip Hop Family Tree Vols. 1-2: 1975-1983 Box Set, which collects the first two volumes of Piskor’s bestselling chronicle of the history of hip hop, originally serialized on BoingBoing. It’s due in November from Fantagraphics, which describes it as “the ’90s-est.” You don’t get much more ’90s than that Levi’s commercial.

Check out the full strip at BoingBoing, and watch the original TV ad below.




Well said.

Man, it’s been over 20 years but fanboys and creators no one ever heard of still can’t let go of how Liefeld had massive success in the 90s and how his work still influences comic art today.

(Note: the quality of Liefeld’s work is irrelevant to the argument, don’t bother arguing over it.)

Those of you who who are too young to remember the 90s and Rob’s commercial missed some really surreal moments in the comics industry.

@Red Comet, if your comment is aimed at Piskor (creators no one ever heard of), a) you’re missing out on Hip-Hop Family Tree, it’s pretty damn fantastic and 2) Piskor absolutely LOVES Liefeld.

I second Eric’s sentiment. Piskor also created covers depicting homages to EC Comic horror titles. For Rob Liefeld to be put on the same pedestal as “Tales From the Crypt” is a huge, huge honor. Plus, there’s nothing in that strip that makes me think that he’s making fun of Liefeld’s style. He’s pretty faithfully replicated Liefeld’s style, and did nothing to change the original ad to mock him.

Red Comet: I think you’re misreading this. It’s seems like a kitschy (positive, perhaps nostalgic?) homage to the ludicrousness of 1990s (comics) celebrity, like The Rob is in the line of the Adam West Batman show, the Village People or Pee-Wee Herman.

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