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Flintmobile thieves yabba dabba doo their time on FCBD


What store owner Dave Downey called “the final chapter in the great Flintmobile Heist” came to a close Saturday as the three teens the replica appeared at World’s Best Comics and Toys in Sacramento, California, dressed as the Flintstones for Free Comic Book Day. And, of course, there’s video and photographic proof.

As we previously reported, the teenagers stole the 200-pound Flintmobile from in front of the store in mid-December, only to be apprehended about a month later. Instead of pursuing criminal charges against the apologetic culprits, Downey had a better idea: They could do some work around the store. However, this wasn’t just any work. As the retailer revealed last week, it would involve the trio dressing up as Fred, Wilma and Barney to help promote the store’s FCBD activities.

As the photo above and the video below show, from CBS Sacramento, the teens appeared to accept their punishments with good humor, smiling while posing for photos and directing passersby to the Downey’s shop. Of course, that certainly beats the alternative.



Bill Williamson

May 5, 2014 at 8:57 am

It’s a good thing that store owner was such a kind and compassionate man, because from the looks of things, these boys wouldn’t have lasted a day in jail.

The slightly demented owner seems to have waaaay too much time on his hands to plot these “ironic” punishments.

@Brian: To be fair, though… if I was running a comic book shop, I’d be plotting and devising ironic punishments all day long.

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