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Funko reveals DC Comics Vinyl Cubed magnetic figures

vinyl cubed8

Longtime DC Comics readers will undoubtedly recall Composite Superman, the green-skinned Silver Age villain who, dressed in a costume that was past Superman’s and part Batman’s, possessed the powers of the Man of Steel as well as those of the Legion of Super-Heroes. But how about Composite Aquaman? Or Composite Harley Quinn?

While they don’t come with superhuman abilities (as far as we know), Funko’s newly announced line of DC Comics Vinyl Cubed 2.5-inch magnetic figures that allows collectors to mix and match body parts of their favorite heroes and villains. The head of The Joker on Bizarro’s body? Sure. Robin with Harley Quinn’s arms? If you want.

Debuting in July, the line features Batman, Superman, Bizarro, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Black Manta, Deathstroke and 1966 TV series versions of Batman and Robin.

vinyl cubed1

vinyl cubed9

vinyl cubed7

vinyl bizarro

vinyl cubed6

vinyl cubed5

vinyl cubed4

vinyl cubed3

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Why are the heroes frowning?

Why not Plastic Man?

Where’s Wonder Woman?

Man, I really don’t get the recent trend of toys with mix and match body parts. Funko isn’t the only one doing it. I see this being done with Marvel heroes and Transformers.

Who knew that the Super-Skrull was paving the way for the glorious future?

I used to take the screw out of the back of my GI Joe’s and make new ones.

Some of us have imagination… ;)

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