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Pop culture author shares his toys, trades and more

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Happy Free Comic Book Day and welcome to Shelf Porn! Today’s shelves come from Brandon T. Snider, author of The Dark Knight Manual, DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide and many other pop culture books. Brandon shares his collection of trades, toys, art and more.

If you’d like to see your shelves right here on Robot 6, you can find details on submitting them at the end of this post.

And now here is Brandon …


A few years ago I had a chance to raid the closets at DC Comics before they got rid of a bunch of stuff and it allowed me to fill out my collection of DC trades really nicely. My Marvel stuff is lacking only because I’ve not been afforded the same kindness which I’m sure will be corrected once this goes post viral. I have no idea how I ended up with SO MANY collected editions but, as my accountant will tell you, it’s all research. As a matter of fact, when I was writing the DC Comics Character Guide I had my collection of Who’s Whos professionally bound. It made me feel like a king. That series was my gateway into the DCU and that was how I ended up approaching the book.

About my toys…

I love really stylized action figures and some of the smaller, weirder toys. I love my Justice League Tater Tots that were at Sonic awhile back. Tracking down all the Marvel Nogn’z was serious business which was then replaced by tracking down Marvel and DC Chibis. Oh and the DC Scribblenauts are going to be the death of me. As far as characters go, I can never go wrong with Grodd, Black Manta or Lex Luthor. Firestorm, Beast, Spider-Man and the Hulk are up there. The Superfriends are also my jam.

My Wolverine telephone doesn’t work but I like to pretend it does sometimes.

I like to cycle figures in and out and I try to keep it fairly diverse. Working from home can be challenging at times. If I get distracted, I’ll just stop and reorganize my shelves because deadlines don’t matter when Kilowog won’t stand up straight.

I mainly collect superheroes but I have at least one keepsake figures for every property I’ve ever worked on. Hidden within my menagerie are characters from Adventure Time, Regular Show, Annoying Orange and Transformers Kreo among others.









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WOW. Just WOW.


May 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Amazing stuff, really amazing.

I hate this collection and have a serious dislike for you sir! Only because you posted this and made me insanely JEALOUS!!! Wow!!

nice collection espically love the black manta art sheet from the old super friends cartoon when they were dealing with the legion of doom.

No single issues or boxes?!! Nice collection though. Nicely organized.

Where did the Teen Titans/Breakfast Club poster come from?

I keep thinking I’ll upload my collection but then get so dismayed at such a colossal haul! Fantastic selection though!

Is that a custom Dex starr mini fig??! AWESOME!

That Toth Black Manta illustration in just priceless. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

Jimmy Stuart

May 3, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Brandon, or anyone else, can you tell me what line that large Mr. Freeze head is from? And the little Hall of Doom figure in front of it? I collect all of the stylized figures for DC & Marvel too, and I -need- those two.

Sean Fewster

May 3, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Utterly beautiful. Precise and yet warm and friendly, inviting the eye in for a much closer look. Love it!

Lost of HC’s and TPB’s, impresive indeed. But too much superhero-centric for my taste. For me that’s like a candy store full of chocolate cake, and nothing more. Chocolate cake here, chocolate cake there. The further away from the DC/MARVEL nucleus seems to be some Vertigo or Icon -or similar- sparkles (which are owned by Marvel/DC).

May i recommend the owner to try some TEZUKA, try some MOEBIUS, try some JODOROWSKY, try some CRUMB, try some TRILLO, try some CLOWES, try some OTOMO, try some SATRAPI, try some LOISEL, try some DELISLE, something underground, something japanese or european, try something different. Specially if you are an adult, i’m sure you are gonna enjoy a lot of readings more according with your age and intellectual faculties than just tons of muscle guys in tights fighting each other.

My two cents… sorry.

Hey Guido:

Try not being a comic snob
Try shutting up and just appreciating
Try not looking down on other people

My two cents… sorry

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! The Teen Titans/Breakfast Club poster is by Cliff Chiang. Got it from him at NYCC a few years ago. Great guy.

I picked up that Teen Titans/Breakfast Club print from him at Heroes Con a cpl years ago. He offers a lot of 80s movie posters/Superhero theme mash up prints.

love it — I hope you used butterfly wall anchors or screwed the uprights into the studs
Your toy display looks like a dusting nightmare, but what an awesome mash up of action figure fun :)

Love how neat and organized your stuff looks. Great collection.

Don Cornholious

May 7, 2014 at 11:16 am

Hey Guido,

Try not commenting, as I don’t think the collector in question or anyone on here really cares about your “eclectic, I am so cool, look at me, I am not into superheroes” schtick. That is all and a good day to you.

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