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Quote of the Day | Cliff Chiang on drawing Wonder Woman

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“I felt a lot of pressure taking on this icon and knowing that Wonder Woman means so much to so many people. When I’m drawing her, I try to think about what that character is and make sure that I am paying respect to what other people feel about her. I’m trying to draw a character; I’m trying to draw a living, breathing person and make them feel as alive as I can to the reader. It’s funny when people come up to me and say they really like the way I draw her. They appreciate that she’s not oversexualized. That’s really a decision that an artist has to make — and it’s a lot of decisions. It’s not just, ‘Hey, whoops, my pen slipped and she’s suddenly too sexy.’ You’ve got to draw that thong bikini, you’ve got to draw those big boobs and all that stuff. I feel like we have to check ourselves and say, ‘Well, is this really accomplishing telling the story that we want to tell?'”

– artist Cliff Chiang, talking with CBR TV about developing his take on DC’s Wonder Woman



He does draw her so…beautifully.

All I know is the man can draw. He’s a genius and its cool to know he treats an icon just as that, an icon. Job well done Mr. Chiang. Well done. I’m sure being part of a minority helps him be more empathetic to other oppressed minorities. Also, I can give this Wonder Woman to my nieces and nephews . .. . no wait . . . extreme violence . . . well I can when they grow up. LOL

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