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Survey: More than half of Emerald City attendees were female

Via the Emerald City Comicon Facebook page

Via the Emerald City Comicon Facebook page

Although North America comic conventions are typically thought of as male-dominated events, that doesn’t appear to have been the case with this year’s Emerald City Comicon.

According to a survey of attendees, 52 percent identified as female, compared to 46 percent as male; 2 percent of respondents “referred to themselves in non-binary terms,” including agender, genderfluid, genderqueer and “a nebulous glow cloud.”

Of course the survey isn’t completely accurate, because not everyone filled one out, and of those who did, probably not everyone did so honestly (I’m willing to wager the person doesn’t really gender-identify as “Cthulhu”). However, as The Mary Sue notes, “at the very least, you cannot say that women were rare or a minority in the community.”

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I was there and I think this is an accurate sample of the crowd. I’ve been to cons which were sausage fests and this was definitely not one of them!

“Oh but women don’t read comics!” cry the men, oblivious of the territory shifting under their feet

@matthew: Actually… the attendance at Emeraly City Comic-Con doesn’t actually prove that females read comics at all.

At least, I hung around downtown during Comic-Con, and the female attendees seemed to be cosplaying as characters mainly from My Little Pony, Adventure Time, or Homestuck. The later is closest to being a comic, though not in the traditional sense. I mean, even the picture above shows cosplayers dressed up as Disney characters, not necessarily comic book characters.

If anything, this proves that Comic-Con has grown far beyond its original comic book roots, and females are just as interested and obsessive about pop culture as the males.

(Also, I think the survey is accurate. There really were a lot of females in attendance.)

It’s Ladys night!

@Larry: I wore a Pantera shirt to ECCC but I also like comics. Cosplay choices is not a good measurement of comics readership as people often prone to liking more than one thing at a time…especially given the fact that there were plenty of women there who weren’t dressed as any character at all.

Sorry but the ladies are going to get into the tree fort. The “No Gurls” sign will have to go!

More importantly, there wasn’t a fat Spider-Man.

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