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The walking dead lumber into Florida gun debate

walking dead50

“The Walking Dead” #50, by Charlie Adlard

In a recent ranking of states most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, Florida was certainly no New Jersey — Garden State residents would be the first to go — but it also wasn’t likely to outlast the outbreak. Floridians were somewhere in the middle of the pack (No. 32, sandwiched between Washington and Oregon), which probably means they’re destined to become freshly squeezed midnight snacks.

Or at least they might’ve been, before this week. The Florida Senate is considering legislation that would permit all residents, whether or not they’re licensed, to carry concealed firearms during any mandatory evacuations ordered as part of a declared state of emergency. Say, because of a hurricane or flooding.

Proponents argue the law is necessary because residents fleeing during an evacuation shouldn’t have to leave their guns at home, where they might be stolen by looters; opponents, including the Florida Sheriff’s Association, say the bill’s language is dangerously vague and “absurd.” But Sen. Dwight Bullard understands the real need for the measure: the walking dead.

The Miami Democrat, who actually opposes the bill, introduced an amendment late Tuesday to that would change the language of its title from “An act relating to carrying a concealed weapon or a concealed firearm” to … “An act relating to the zombie apocalypse.”

“For me, as laughable as the amendment might seem, it’s equally laughable that people who haven’t gone through the proper training, the background check, the license to carry — we’re saying because of a hurricane or flooding or sinkhole, these individuals have gone from gun owners to concealed carry permit holders,” Bullard told The Huffington Post. “I’d argue a crisis is probably the last instance in which you want someone who is not a concealed permit holder to carry a weapon.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Senate briefly took up the bill on Wednesday but postponed action — which means the zombie amendment lives, at least for the time being.



I have to admit, responding to idiocy with humor is a lot better than snark. And it could help people once again re-engage with politics the way they do with tabloid media. Politicians need to be more entertaining it seems.

What if this back-fires and people actually want that in the bill seeing as society seems to be more and more genuinely concerned with an actual zombie-like outbreak? It sounds absurd, but more and more groups and websites are (not ironically, but seriously) proposing something resembling a zombie apocalypse is right around the corner.

That concern aside, Senator Bullard is indeed clever.

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